Behind The Song

Our little "Behind The Song" feature has quickly become one of our favourites.
Reason being - we get to hear the stories behind fantastic songs.

All of the pieces below have been written by the artists themselves, exclusively for house in the sand.

Check them out and learn more about the meaning and the creative process behind your new favourite song.
"Something Right"                        "Diamond Sky"                       "Light & Sound"
   by Andreas Moe                         by Oliver Daldry                      by Emily Keener
"She"                                   "Speak and Spell"                            "Godsend"
by Kiirstin Marilyn                       by Glass Peaks                        by Robbie Cavanagh
"Headlights"                            "Growing Apart"                                "Blame"
by Wild Domestic                      by Darren Campbell                        by Lio Nicol
"Weirdos and Freaks"                      "Little Infinity"                           "Mirrored Stars"
        by Honey and Jude                       by The Old Border                   by Taylor James Eary
  "Super Cool Sadie"                      "Wrong Time"
 by Chris Tavener                           by Keeva


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