Behind The Song: "All That I Am" by Ian Late

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- Behind The Song -
"All That I Am" by Ian Late

Ian Late is a musician based in Berlin, Germany.

His sound marches on the fine line between Pop and Indie-Folk and creates beautiful and vivid atmospheres.
His lyrics deal with society's problems and tell personal stories, always aiming to make you feel and think.

Ian's debut EP "II" was released in 2014 and has allowed the singer/songwriter to build a loyal fanbase, as well as tour Germany, Austria and Switzerland and play lots of festivals on top of that.
But he's also been able to travel further than that and play shows in Nashville, New York City, Shanghai and Taipei.

As for now we can look forward to the release of his debut album "Choices" which will be out on May 4th this year. 

You can now find out what Ian told us about the story behind "All That I Am":

"My band and me took a weekend off the city (Berlin) to work on new song ideas at a small town's barn.
My lead guitarist Markus came up with a beautiful chord change and my drummer Peter and bass player Ben started playing along. It instantly inspired me to sing a melody which turned out to be the verse line.
It was one of the few songs that come up naturally and that is written in a few minutes.
I love those moments!

My band and I are the writers, musicians and producers of our own records.
Two of them work as engineers under the name of "Zodiaque" and brought their amazing outboard gear (the classic vintage stuff like a Neumann U47, Neve preamps, Urei compressors, etc.) to a foresters house that we rented for two weeks to record our album "Choices".
After a week the electricity broke down because a storm on Halloween caused a tree to fall into the power line near our house.
Fortunately they could fix it the next day and the recordings went on.
The rest of the album was recorded back in Berlin over the course of a year. We also worked with some amazing guest musicians mostly for keys, synths, piano, cello and female backing vocals.

Compared to my earlier material, this time the band was mroe involved in the songwriting process.
The songs and sounds are darker, deeper, more diversified and more mature - as well as the lyrics.
Less folkie, more indie.

In the music video for the song I am an astronaut who is walking in the streets of Berlin and enters a theatre and its stage, singing "all that I am, just a simple man". Suddenly I am surrounded by outer space...
We shot the video in 24 hours and it was freezing cold but I was really happy to work with a small but super professional crew.
Everything was super spontaneous and done in no time - starting with a little screenplay, from organizing the costume, the film equipment, the camera guys and renting the theatre location.

The lyrics are about how we treat our planet and about finally taking responsibility and taking care of it.
About doing something and not only talking about it."

Check out the music video for "All That I Am" right here:

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Ian Late online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | YouTube | Instagram

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Credits // Words (Intro): Vanessa Jertschewske | Image & Words (about song): Ian Late


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