Album Review: "Staying At Tamara's" by George Ezra

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Writing reviews is usually a very calm activity.

You sit down, you listen to the music, you write down notes and once you feel confident in your knowledge of the album - you start writing.

But every now and then you'll be given records (or songs) to review that turn this calm activity into a dance workout.
And that's what George Ezra's brand new record did to us.

But don't get me wrong, it's not just one blurry dance party, there are some emotional moments too - and that mixture made it an absolute joy to review.

Curious and want to join the dance marathon?
Let's do it then!

Artist: George Ezra
Title: Staying At Tamara's
Genre: Soul-Pop
Label: Sony Music
Release Date: 23rd March 2018

George Ezra is a singer/songwriter from Bristol, UK.
His sound mixes Blues with Soul-Pop and Acoustic-Folk here and there.

George studied at the Institute of Modern Music in Bristol and has been making music for a while.

In 2012, he played BBC Introducing, after his song "Angry Hill" was picked by BBC Bristol.
In 2013, George played at Glastonbury and released his debut EP "Did You Hear The Rain?" on which you can find his mega hit "Budapest".

Another EP ("Cassy O'", 2014) and a debut album ("Wanted On Voyage", 2014) later, George Ezra had made himself a name and was considered one of the most exciting newcomers.

Last year he give us a preview of the new album with his anthem "Don't Matter Now", which - along with his second single "Paradise", can be found on the brand new record,  "Staying At Tamara's".

Let's get to know the new album!

1) Pretty Shining People
2) Don't Matter Now
3) Get Away
4) Shotgun
5) Paradise
6) All My Love
7) Sugarcoat
8) Hold My Girl
9) Saviour (feat. First Aid Kit)
10) Only a Human
11) The Beautiful Dream

Opener "Pretty Shining People" is what I imagine sunshine sounds like.
Now, lyrically, it deals with the darker moments one might have until the chorus kicks in and fills you with hope and understanding.
Musically, the light instrumentation and the chanting backing vocals immediately transport you right into Spring and allow you to find comfort in the relatable lyrics.

My personal favourite would be "Shotgun", an uptempo and uplifting track.
It starts of simple and almost Blues-y, but quickly devolopes into one of those songs that make your head bob along to the beat.
The bassline and guitar riff couldn't be more addictive and practically lift your mood and allow you to dream of the warmer months.
George's vocals guide you through the track and tell you the story in such entertaining and charming manner.

The first half of the album appears to be the upbeat half, whilst the second set of songs pulls you deeper into your thoughts.
"Saviour" which features backing vocals from First Aid Kit, definitely showcases the darker and more serious elements.
With George's and First Aid Kit's vocals colliding, you get a mysterious, powerful and hypnotizing mixture which has so much control of the track and its' atmosphere. Combined with strong drum beats and dark riffs, this one is as intense and brilliant as it could be.

To sum it up: Let's be real - George's voice is an absolute highlight. It's deep and expressive, yet refreshing and charming at the same time. But when writing about George's music, you just have to mention his talent for melodies, harmonies and arragements.
It seems like every track is so well thought out, yet none of them feel forced or unnatural.
Talent and passion on this level should get all the recognition and we've definitely got the record on repeat.

You should listen to these tracks: Pretty Shining People, Shotgun, Hold My Girl, Saviour (feat. First Aid Kit)

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Credits // Words: Vanessa Jetwash | Image: via Belle Music | **a digital copy has kindly been provided**


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