Gig Photos: Kat Frankie at ClubCANN in Stuttgart

Hey guys!

Here's the thing - being a music photographer is mega cool but it comes with a lot of tricky tasks.

The trickiest one?
For me it's not taking a million photos during a gig.

Some venues and artists allow you to photograph an entire set - and whenever that's the case,
I'll take the opportunity.
The latest full show I got to photograph was Kat Frankie's show in Stuttgart.

I was introduce to Kat's music towards the end of 2017 and immediately added her songs to my playlists.
There is something so refreshing and excitingly honest about her sound that convinced me in a heartbeat.

So yeah, below are way too many photos, but let's just go with it and pretend photo floods are normal.

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Date: 6th March 2018
Venue: ClubCANN, Stuttgart (GER)

Support Act: Charlotte Brandi

Charlotte Brandi and her two backing musicians did an incredible job starting the evening in such gentle and enchanting way.

You could tell that there was so much meaning and passion in the songs they've played and it was so wonderful to witness.

The crowd really listened to every track and noticed the details in the songs, and the trio was really the perfect choice to start the night.

Charlotte Brandi online: Facebook | Instagram


Headliner: Kat Frankie

All it took was a little hand motion from Kat and the entire crowd eagerly took a big step forward and closed the gap between the stage and audience.

The Berlin based musician, originally from Sydney, Australia, had full control of the room for the entire evening.
Opening with the hypnotizing "Swallow You Whole", Kat and her band started the night with a bang.

It's easy to just get lost in the music the band provides you with, switching from ballads to uptempo tracks. One element that appears to be the thread of the entire set are the harmonies that the band delivered so seemingly effortlessly.
The interaction between Kat and the band members was flawless and such a joy to witness.
Everyone was on their A-game and the audience appreciated it to the fullest, cheering, clapping and dancing along.

Kat's way of working a crowd is so simple and charming, telling stories in between songs and making jokes here and there.

Tracks like "Please Don't Give Me What I Want" and "Bad Behaviour" had the fans hollering with joy, whilst ballads such as "Finite" left everyone admiring the magic that was happening on stage.

I could go on and on writing about this gig, but it would mainly just be me telling you how fantastic it was.
Sometimes those shows that made you really happy, are the hardest to write about.

So instead, please check out the photos and make sure to listen to Kat's music whilst you're at it.

Kat Frankie online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | Instagram


And there we go - those are our photos from the show.

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Thank you for your visit!

Credits // Words & Photography: Vanessa Jetwash | **tickets have kindly been provided**


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