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Video Of The Day: "Burning Flame" by The Franklin Electric

Hey guys!

I just remembered how when I started writing this music blog,
all I had in mind, was sharing the music I already loved.

I wanted to find an audience that was excited to find new music.

And somehow I ended up finding new music myself, every single day - it's pretty magical.
Most of the artists and bands I listen to, are those I have been sent via email.

So whilst I keep on finding new music, I'm just going to keep on sharing it with you.
And I thoroughly hope you enjoy!

- Video Of The Day -
"Burning Flame" by The Franklin Electric

The Franklin Electric are a four-piece from Montreal, Canada.
The band's sound mixes Alternative with Folk and sprinkles of Pop.

It all started when The Franklin Electric won a Nashville songwriting competition against 8000 other bands from all around the world.
Soon enough they were opening for Ben Howard, Mumford and Sons, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes, and many more.
The four musicians have played over 180 shows in 2015 - from Canada to Australia, including three European tours.

With the signature element being the trumpet, live show audiences are always in for a surprise - and a treat.

The Franklin Electric are:
Jon Matte
Martin Desrosby
Ken Pressé
Adam Passalacqua

Their debut "This Is How I Let You Down" won over critics and fans from all over the world and has allowed the band to build a loyal fanbase.
"Blue Ceilings", the band's second album, dropped earlier this year and took things to another level.

Last month they released a music video for "Burning Flame" and it's fantastic!

The combination of soulful, bluesy vocals, stunning harmonies, folk percussions, supportive basslines, highlighting guitar chords and a hypnotizing melody - it just works. 

There is not one disapointing element in the song - in fact, it's so beautiful, you might question if it's actually real.

Here's what Jon says about the song and video:
"This was a spontaneous last minute addition to the record about the fire that feeds us and brings us to do all the things we do, or ignore the things we don't do but wish we had. A voice inside most of us that can easily be ignored but the burn is a constant reminder.
This video was all about the casting. I walked in the day of the shoot and met George, who plays the main role in this music video.
He is the most endearing, honest, pure, yet driven 17 year old kid I have ever met. From that moment  I was sold on the director's story& concept.
I invite you to meet George for yourself."

Watch the video for "Burning Flame" below:

- buy "Burning Flame" -

The Franklin Electric online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | YouTube | Instagram

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Credits // Words: Vanessa Jertschewske | Image: Charline Martel

Performance Of The Day: "Miracle Of Love" by Jamie Lawson

Hey guys!

It's probably no secret - I love observing music.
Might sound a little odd, but I think it's so fascinating to watch artists evolve and constantly put out fabulous work.

I get very excited when I see (hear) artists who have their very own signature sound,
but still aren't afraid to work in new and modern elements.

Social Media has made it so easy to follow musicians on the journey, so let's not waste our time and check out some sweet tunes!

- Performance Of The Day -
"Miracle Of Love" by Jamie Lawson

Jamie Lawson is a singer/songwriter, originally from Plymouth, now based in London, UK.

To tell you his entire story, I'd need to write a couple of pages. To avoid that, I'll try to give you the "quick JL guide", but please make sure to check out Jamie's full bio.

The musician from the United Kingdom has been writing and releasing music for years, he's been gigging loads and has built himself a loyal fanbase.

Between our first interview in November 2014 and this one, taped in November 2015,
 Jamie got signed to Ed Sheeran's label (Gingerbread Man Records), supported acts such as One Direction on tour, appeared on countless radio and TV shows, released his selftitled record and has won an Ivor Novello award.

And now he's back with new music!
His next album, "Happy Accidents", will be out on September 29th 2017.

He's already shared the first single, "Can't See Straight", with us.

And just last week he released a live performance of "Miracle Of Love".

As soon as the song starts, you just know it's Jamie Lawson.
It's the thoughtful songwriting, the emotional delivery - and of course - the voice.

"Miracle Of Love" is definitely a ballad, but one that's deeper than many others. It's not just the lyrics and the slower pace, that make this song an exceptionally beautiful one - it's the melody, the harmony of the different elements, they practically walk hand in hand.

You can tell that Jamie has spent a lot of time crafting his songs and that he's made sure to think of every detail you could wish for.

He kept his charming signature sound, but has managed to include new elements in such grace and elegance.

Make sure to check out the live performance of "Miracle Of Love" below:

- pre-order or stream the album "Happy Accidents" -

Jamie Lawson online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Instagram

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Credits // Words: Vanessa Jertschewske | Image: via Warner Music

Behind The Song: "Something Right" by Andreas Moe

Hey guys!

Our little "Behind The Song" feature is not only a personal favourite, but it's one that pretty much everyone involved is happy with.

It's extremely exciting to see the positive reactions from the PRs and labels, whenever we pitch this idea to them. And it's so wonderful to see the artists being so willing to open up and share stories and thoughts about the writing process.

But, of course, the best reactions we could get, is when you, the people reading this, enjoy the posts as much as we love putting them together.

So let's all enjoy today's post!

- Behind The Song -
"Something Right" by Andreas Moe

Andreas Moe is a singer/songwriter from Stockholm, Sweden.

He has been making music ever since he was 12 years old. At 16 years old, he started to focus on writing songs, worked as a session guitarist, producer & singer - and signed his first publishing deal at 22.

Andreas has written for multiple acts, but has his heart set on a singer/songwriter career.

In 2012, he released his debut EP, "Collecting Sunlight", which was followed by the "This Year" EP in 2013.
Soon enough, Andreas signed to Sony Music and released his debut album "Before The Rumble Comes" in 2015.
After the release, he went on three European headline tours, supported acts such as Gabrielle Aplin, Kodaline - and most recently - John Mayer, who picked Andreas to support him on tour himself.

And today we're here to learn more about Andreas' most recent single, "Something Right".

Check out what he has to say about the creative process behind the song:

"So many people are afraid of feeling, they think they're better off backing out of everything's not perfect all the time. They build walls around themselves.
But conflicts are natural in a relationships - and who wants to live their life behind a wall?

I remember the song came to me in a hotel room, somewhere far out on the British country side.
The melodies just came instantly - and somehow the concept of the song too. I think every artist has at least one song they say took less than half an hour to write, this is that song to me.

 It all just felt so right (no pun intended).
Two days after writing the music and melodies to the song, I played it to my dear friend and colleague Hiten Bharadia and we finished writing the lyrics together.

The song is produced by me and Johannes Runemark in Sweden.
We recorded parts in three different studios; drums in a basement in Southern Stockholm, vocals and guitars in a studio more central, and trumpets at my old youth center 'Rockville' where I hung out a lot in my youth.

I remember us going back and forth with especially the drums - since the song is more soulful than what I normally do, we wanted to stay away from a too funky drum beat and keep it more straight and rough."

Listen to "Something Right" below:

- buy or stream "Something Right" -

Andreas Moe online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | YouTube | Instagram

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Credits // Words (intro): Vanessa Jertschewske | Image & Words (main part in quotes): Andreas Moe for house in the sand

Release Of The Day: "Feel It Again" by Hudson Taylor

Hey guys!

Fridays are busy days in the music business, as they are usually filled with new releases.

I remember, when I was younger, I'd always be the happiest on Fridays because I'd be going to the record shop to by new albums.

With the digital world being what it is, things have changed - now the records arrive at my doorstep or in my email inbox on Fridays.

But one thing remains the same - the excitement of hearing new music for the first time.
And I don't think that's ever going to go away, especially not when we get to share this excitement with you.

Picking a "Release Of The Day" can be quite tough, but we're pretty pleased with today's choice.
Check it out!

- Release Of The Day -
"Feel It Again" by Hudson Taylor

Hudson Taylor are a folk duo consisting of Alfie and Harry Hudson-Taylor from Dublin, Ireland.
Armed with a lot of passion and talent, the brothers started out busking on the streets of Dublin and started uploading videos on their YouTube channel which have racked up over 8 million views by now.

Over the years, the duo has recorded and released a lot of material and has honed their craft by continuing to busk and has toured lots of places.

EP: Battles (2012)
EP: Cinematic Lifestyle (2012)
EP: Osea (2013)
EP: Battles II (2014)
Album: Singing For Strangers (2015)

And today, on this mighty fine Friday, Hudson Taylor are here with their brand new song, "Feel It Again".

If we had to sum up the song in one word - we'd say "classy".

It's folk-y, it's catchy, it's relatable and captures a feeling, so many of us know all too well.

The acoustic guitar in the beginning greets you with open arms and gets you ready to stomp your feet and clap your hands in the chorus.
The chorus is key element of the song and allows the verses to fall into place with a lot of grace.
It's hopeful, encouraging and it's big!

Mid-way through the track, we're practically seeing all the Johnny Cash vibes collide with Hudson Taylor's signature sound.  
"Feel It Again" is an anthem, we're all going to sing sitting around the campfire - belting out the lyrics as loud as possible.

Watch the lyric video for "Feel It Again" below:

- buy or stream "Feel It Again" -

Hudson Taylor online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | YouTube | Instagram

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Credits // Words: Vanessa Jertschewske | Image: via Hudson Taylor

Song Of The Day: "Look What You Made Me Do" by Taylor Swift

Hey guys!

About 6,5 years ago, one gig randomly made me stumble into the music industry.
It was a Taylor Swift gig - funny, eh?

Let me explain; I went to one of her shows and ended up finding my new favourite band in her support act - Martin and James.
A year later, I went to one of their shows in Cologne, it inspired me so much that I started this blog and the rest is history.

Those actions bring us to this point, which is me sitting at my desk, writing about the music that has been released recently.

Just like a bunch of other bloggers, I'm here to discuss Taylor Swift's brand new track with you today.

So let's just get it done, yeah?

- Song Of The Day -
"Look What You Made Me Do" by Taylor Swift

This is the part of the post in which I would usually introduce the artist to you.
You know, a brief rundown of their beginnings, their achievements and what not.

With today's act being Taylor Swift, I don't think I have to go into detail much.
Most of you are probably familiar with her, her music and/or her career.

And if you aren't, but would like to learn more about her, a quick google search will give you more details that you might want to know.

So, after a few years without new music, Taylor has returned with her brand new track, "Look What You Made Me Do", off the upcoming album "reputation".

The artwork for the album, as well as the promo on social media, have already given away that we are about to experience another change of direction from Taylor.

"Look What You Made Me Do" is dark, it's a drastic change, it's synth based.
All these words don't sound like the Pop Taylor we've been presented during her 1989 era.

Now, whether you enjoy the song or not - it's quite interesting to see artists re-invent their sound and aesthetic. I personally think it shows which artists have multiple sides and can discover them through music.

The track has some early 2000s vibes, as well as some vintage-y sounding elements, paired with a lot of synths and beats. The lyrics process a lot of anger and are delivered in a cold, spitty way- keeping the atmosphere very dark.

It's a new tempo and a new Taylor Swift era, so let's see where this goes.

Watch the lyric video for "Look What You Made Me Do" below:

- buy or stream "Look What You Made Me Do" -

Taylor Swift online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr | YouTube | Instagram

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Credits // Words: Vanessa Jertschewske | Image: via StokedPR

Video Of The Day: "Come On, Hello" by Otherkin

Hey guys!

It's our pleasure to present you the newest songs and videos and honestly - it gets us so excited!
There is so much going on at the minute and the music scene keeps throwing fantastic work our way, so we're extremely happy to share it with you.

We get to discover new music together and share our favourites - isn't that cool?

And of course, today is no exception - we're here to share an amazing video with you, so buckle up and check out the band behind it.

- Video Of The Day -
"Come On, Hello" by Otherkin

Otherkin are a Grunge Pop four piece from Dublin, Ireland.

The band couldn't have a busier schedule if they tried;
so far the band has supported The Amazons on tour, opened for Guns 'N' Roses, played at Download Festival 2017, went on their own headline tour and have released multiple tracks.

Metallica's Lars Ulrich has championed the band on his Beats1 show - and rightly so.

Their upcoming debut album "OK", will be released on September 29th and has been recorded in Ireland with David Prendergast, Jason Boland and the band at the controls and has been mixed by Jolyon Thomas in London.

Otherkin are:
David Anthony
Luke Reilly
Rob Summons
Conor Andrew Wynne

These four guys are the promosing band we've all needed, so make sure to check them out.

With their latest track "Come On, Hello", Otherkin are here to take you on a wild ride of edgy vocals, catchy riffs, strong basslines and wild beats.
 This song is just another proof of why we should all have Otherkin on our radar and our playlists.

Check out the video for "Come On, Hello" below:

Otherkin online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | YouTube | Instagram

Thank you for your visit! 

Credits // Words: Vanessa Jertschewske | Image: via Otherkin

7 songs: Chris Stringer

Hey guys!

Today we've got the third post in our "7 songs" series and I'm so excited about it.

Without really noticing, this series is becoming one of my new favourites,
because we get to celebrate our emotions but also get to learn more about the songs other people decide to pick.

There's not a day where I don't find myself talking about music to at least one person - and I feel like this feature allows me to share these chats in a way that is quite intimate.

So, let's see who's picking songs today, yeah?

Chris Stringer is a singer/songwriter originally from Swansea, UK - now based in London.

Influenced by acts such as Bruce Springsteen and Fleetwood Mac, his love for Folk, Rock & 80s Pop was shaped by some of the best.

Chris' own sound could be described as Alternative Country which ties in Folk elements.

He has shared the stage with Nizlopi, Luke Concannon, The Blanks and more.
Chris has easily built himself a loyal fanbase with his unique, yet comforting and exciting sound.

You can now catch him with his new band, The Rocketeers.

Live dates:
3rd September 2017 - Palmers Green Festival, London (UK)
16th September 2017 - Stoke Newington Green, London (UK)
30th October 2017 - Stringer Things (Halloween Show) at Gullivers, Manchester (UK)

Alright, let's see what songs Chris has chosen to share with us!

1) a song which makes you dance
"Us VS Them" by LCD Soundsystem

I am... not a good dancer.
Don't get me wrong; if I'm at a funk & soul event, I'll be cutting some serious shapes. This track, however, gets me moving whenever I hear it. Brushing my teeth, cooking dinner, whatever - I'll be bopping around. It's SO good. The build up, and the payoff. SO GOOD.


2) a song that calms you down

"T.R.O.Y" by Pete Rock & CL Smooth

This song has such a great feel to it.
It's relaxing, it's got a sick sample, and the lyrics are incredible - listen to/read them, the story is incredible. No matter what kind of mood I'm in, or where I'm at inside my head, this song never fails to bring me to a good level.


3) a song with a deep meaning
"Hurricane J" by The Hold Steady

I had a not so great time a few years back, around 2010.
This song arrived at a turning point in my life, and I will always associate it with that. I jokingly say it saved my life, but in all honesty - that's probably not too far from the truth. I joined the message board and made a lot of wonderful friends through the mutual love of this band, and the release of this song/album culminated in a London show that saw members of The Unified Scene from across the globe; if this didn't save my life, it certainly changed it.


4) a song which makes you feel nostalgic
"Pure Shores" by All Saints

I make no secret of my love for this song. 

It's perfect.
This was a huge track from my childhood, and due to it's genre I guess it kind of got forgotten in my formative years. But nowadays I will champion this song at every opportunity, and I would it's one of the best modern pop songs ever written.


5) a song which has accompanied you for a while
"Life During Wartime" by Talking Heads

I wanted to choose this track because, while it has only been with me about ten years, it's always there; above my desk I have a poster with the words "This ain't no party / This ain't no disco".
The lyrics tell a brilliant story and in the song I guess they're used to describe how difficult the conditions the character is in, but contrastingly those two lines can be applied to any situation where you just need to get on with it.


6) a song from your favourite genre
"Entombed" by Deftones

I find it almost impossible to pick a favourite genre.
One because my 'favourites' shift so frequently, and two because genres shift so frequently. I guess my favourite sound is a blend of big, melodic guitar sounds with a mix of both gentle and soaring vocals; this Deftones track really matches the kind of balance I love - and is, for me, an example of Deftones at their best.


7) a song by an artist / a band which has surprised you
"Seasons" by Future Islands

I don't think there was anyone who wasn't surprised by this track, particularly it's now-iconic introductory performance on Letterman.
Samuel T Herring is a force of nature. This surprised me on one front because of the performance (seriously, just WATCH IT) but also because it was different to what I'd usually listen to. I have an eclectic taste in music but generally pretty 'safe', and this was crazy. They are straight up one of the best bands I've ever seen live, too.


And now that you've listened to Chris' selection, 
make sure you also check out his music.

Listen to "The Bridge" below:

Chris Stringer online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | YouTube | Instagram

More 7 Songs: Savannah Outen | Vanessa from HITS

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Credits // Words Intro: Vanessa Jertschewske | Words 7 Songs & Image: Chris Stringer

Song Of The Day: "Be Your Man" by Rhys Lewis

Hey guys!

When you're writing about a song, you're most likely to have that song on repeat throughout the entire process of writing about it.

At least that's how I like to handle it, whilst I work on reviews.

And honestly - that's how you find out whether you like a song or not - because listening to the same track over and over again, can get on your nerves. I'm sure you all know what I mean.

But fortuantely, today's song did not get on my nerves - at all.

So please let me present you our SOTD.

- Song Of The Day -
"Be Your Man" by Rhys Lewis

Rhys Lewis is a singer/songwriter based in London, UK.

His sound is going to make every classic Soul lover's heart beat - combining Soul with elements of Folk, Rock and Blues, Rhys has quickly created a signature sound which will draw your attention to his work.

Spending most of the past year in studios in London, Nashville, Stockholm, Los Angeles, Berlin and Isle Of Wight, the young musician has been writing and recording songs for his upcoming debut album.
His debut single "Waking Up Without You" hit #1 on Spotify's Viral Chart and reached 170 000 streams within two weeks.

Follow-up single "Living In The City" was just as strong and has now been streamed over 1.3 million times - a statement which probably speaks for itself.

His third single "I Know The Feeling" was written for a friend who was going through a tough time. The song and its music video adddress the importance of men's mental health.

To catch one of his upcoming Europe and UK shows, make sure to click here for the dates.

And just last week Rhys released his newest track, "Be Your Man" - a powerful ballad.

"Be Your Man" starts off with a beautiful, yet fragile piano melody, which already lets you know this song is going to be an emotional one.

It's the personal and honest storytelling, that makes you feel like you've experienced the heartbreak yourself. The words sound relatable and grab your attention from the very first line until the very last.

Rhys' voice guides you through the song and you can almost feel the pain, as if you were the one experiencing it. It's raw, it's honest but still oh so soulful.

Whilst listening to the track, you can easily overlook the minimalistic arrangements, due to the song being so powerful and gripping - but the simplicity, of just the piano and the vocals, is what creates such vulnerable atmosphere.

The song ends with the same melody it started with and leaves you in an emotional, yet enjoyable state.

Once again Rhys Lewis proves that he's a talented songwriter who can transport feelings through his music.

Listen to "Be Your Man" below:

- buy "Be Your Man" -
- stream "Be Your Man" -

More of Rhys Lewis on house in the sand: Video Interivew | Song Title Challenge

Rhys Lewis online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | YouTube | Instagram

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Credits // Words: Vanessa Jertschewske | Image: via Rhys Lewis

Behind The Song: "Diamond Sky" by Oliver Daldry

Hey guys!

Every now and then, you'll find a song that immediately resonates with you.
It might take a while for you to figure out why, but you just feel connected to the words and the melody.

I've recently had that little moment and I'm very happy that I get to share the song - and more details about it - with you today.

Our little "Behind The Song" feature is one of my personal favourites, because we all get to learn more about the creative process behind amazing songs.

So without further ado, let's find out more about one of my new favourite songs.

- Behind The Song -
"Diamond Sky" by Oliver Daldry

Oliver Daldry is a singer/songwriter from the UK.

His sound classifies as Indie-Folk and has its main focus on acoustic guitar elements and lyrics.

Oliver started making music at the age of 14, spent a lot of time gigiging around the UK and has released his debut album, "The Boy Who Fell", at the age of 18.
The album charted at number 40 of the UK iTunes charts and has had multiple songs featured on TV programmes in the UK.

In 2015, Oliver released the "After Dark" EP, after spending time to develop his sound. The direction of that EP was darker and more ambient, but still managed to focus on lyrics.

July 2017 has seen the release of the musician's second album, "Judas Gap", which glows because of its mature sound.

We got Oliver to chat about one of the songs featured on the album, so check out his words below as he talks us through the meaning and the writing process of "Diamond Sky":

"I'd like to be a little bit vague here, partly because it's a very personal song, but I also think the element of ambiguity when listening to a new song, which allows each listerner the ability to assign their own meaning to the music and lyrics, is one of my favourite aspects of songwriting.

So with that in mind, I'll tell you the core emotions at the heart of the song, but I will try not to go into masses of detail:
"Diamond Sky", to me, is a song about my inability to deal with my own emotions. It is a description of a fight caused by my failed attempts to wrestle my own mind into submission and it also tries to describe the angst and paralysis that comes along with losing control of yourself.
At first, it seems to be quite a sad song, but I like to think that it does contain a resolution - that resolution being the comfort found in love and family.

The lyrics "Diamond Sky" refers to Bob Dylan's "Mr Tambourine Man" ("dance beneath a diamond sky with one hand waving free").
And this is because my parents used to play Bob Dylan a huge amount when I was younger, and as a result, not only am I a massive fan, but I find certain albums of his very calming, hence the line "nothing but a diamond sky will bring me peace" - in the state I am describing myself, nothing but listening to Bob Dylan will calm me down.

I write all of my songs in the kitchen at my home. I spend a lot of my time doing this and so it has become such a normal thing to me, that I forget how that might sound odd to someone else.
As with all of my songs, "Diamond Sky" was also written to completion in the kitchen.

The bulk of the song was written within a few hours, but for about a month I periodically revisited it, attempting to refine it as much as I could. The recording process was a little bit painful for me - I had the guitar and vocals for "Diamond Sky" recorded within a few days, and the guitar and vocals for the whole album recorded within a few weeks, but the rest of the production and mixing for all of the tracks took the best part of 10 months.

I've always been determined to eventually be capable of producing and mixing my own music, but it has been a long and arduous process and I still don't think I'm near the end yet. Why exactly "Diamond Sky", along with the other 7 tracks on the album, took 10 months just to produce and mix, is hard to say, but put as candidly as possible, it was mostly due to indecision and lack of experience.

After spending a huge amount of time working and reworking the tracks, I eventually sought the help of Joseph Mccann to mix the project. Joe has previously worked on releases from the likes of Everything Everything, Tom Odell and Ben Howard, so his experienced helped a lot. I was very grateful to him and I think he did a great job.

Compared to the material I have online, "Diamond Sky" and the whole of the new album in general, is quite different in style. It's much less ambient than my previous EP and focusses mainly on the lyrics and stories in the songs. All my work has always been lyric led, but I feel that you're able to focus more on the lyrics with this album as a result of the production being much simpler."

Watch the lyric video for "Diamond Sky" below:

- buy "Diamond Sky" -
- stream "Diamond Sky" -

Oliver Daldry online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | YouTube | Instagram

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Credits // Text Intro: Vanessa Jertschewske | Quoted Text: Oliver Daldry | Image: Josh Redman

Video Interview: Josh Savage

Hey guys!

I think I've said it before, but I just really love the fact, that I get to decide which artists I want to work with.
Running this website on my own means that I have full control over the decisions.

That also means I get to choose which artists I want to interview, and which artists I don't want to interview.

I'd like to think that leads to more enjoyable interviews for everyone; the artists, the viewers and myself.

The most recent interview I filmed, was one enjoyable adventure.

After getting stopped by security for filming at Granary Square in London,
we had to find another spot - and so Josh Savage and myself ended up on a boat, which was also a book shop.
So if you're in London - make sure to find the "Word on the Water" boat and have a little look around, they also host little gigs on there!

Alright, now that I've set the scene for you, please let me introduce you to Josh.

Josh Savage is a self-managed and independent musician, originally from Winchester, UK - now based in London.

His sound can be described as Indie-Folk with Acoustic elements in it. You'll often find beautiful string arrangements in his songs.
So far, Josh independently released three EPs; "Mountains in Hurricanes", "Spaces" and "Quatre Épines" - the last one showcasing Josh's French roots. 

In 2015, Josh played 79 shows with Sofar Sounds - all across America and Europe, in just 5 months. You can stream the documentary made on the road on Vimeo -> "Living Room Tour".

His single "Whisper In The Snow" ft. Alice Pearl was played on Dermot O'Leary's BBC Radio 2 show by Jo Whiley and has been streamed over 260.000 times on Spotify.

Earlier this month Josh released his latest single "Ghosts" and blew us all away with it.
(Check out this exclusive acoustic performance!)

And soon Josh will be heading off on tour again - you can find out where to in the interview.

So after we climbed onto the Word on the Water boat in London, we had a little chat about "Ghosts", writing and singing in French, dealing with set backs and a lot more.

(Stay tuned until the end for some outtakes.)

Mega thanks to Josh for being such fun to film and hang out with.

And a huge thank you to James who let us film on the boat- he's possibly the coolest guy in London!

Listen to "Ghosts" below:

- buy "Ghosts" -
- stream "Ghosts" -

Josh Savage online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | YouTube | Instagram

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Credits // Words, Image & Video: Vanessa Jertschewske

Release Of The Day: "Breathe Out Breathe In" by Cecilia Ebba

Hey guys!

It's the first day of this Summer, that I'm actually cold.
It's a super rainy and windy August day over here and it genuinely feels like Autumn - and for some reason I'm super happy about it.
As soon as I got home, I made a little playlist of songs for a cozy afternoon - and that got me thinking.

Isn't it magical how we have music for different moods and also for the weather?
When it's warm and sunny, we tend to listen to upbeat tracks.

And on a rainy day like this, our playlists get a little bit darker.
Kind of like the clouds.

Today sees the release of a track that couldn't be any better for this weather.
Make sure to check it out - even if it's sunny where you live.

- Release Of The Day -
"Breathe Out Breathe In" by Cecilia Ebba

Cecilia Ebba is a singer/songwriter, orginally from Northern Sweden, but now based in London, UK.

Her sound mixes a lot of elements and has found her own Alternative Folk signature.
Cecilia started her solo project in her bedroom studio last year and released her debut single "Sweet Summer Wine" in June 2017.

And today she graces us with another track, and we're loving it!

"Breathe Out Breathe In" greets you with a charming, yet dark finger-picked acoustic guitar.
Soon Cecilia's hauntingly beautiful vocals breathe life into the song, creating a mysterious atmosphere.

The softly howling e-guitar soon joins the party and underlines the mystery in such complementary way.

Cleverly timed percussions and powerful drumbeats complete the puzzle of elements and reveal a stunning song for rainy days and dark nights.

It's the dark feeling of the song which soaks you in immediately and doesn't let go of your attention.

This one leaves us wanting more!
We can't wait to hear what's next from Cecilia!

Listen to "Breathe Out Breathe In" below:

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Cecilia Ebba online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | YouTube | Instagram

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Credits // Words: Vanessa Jertschewske | Image: Cecilia Ebba

Song Of The Day: "Waking Up Slow" by Gabrielle Aplin

Hey guys!

Some artists take their listeners along on their musical journey and allow everyone to see their developments and changes throughout the years.

To me, those artists are the most exciting ones.
We all grow, our tastes all change - and to see how those happenings affect an artist creatively, is just super interested.

One lady which had us convinced since day 1 - is Gabrielle Aplin.
If you've been following her for a little while, you will have noticed the ever-evolving creative process - and how she's remained original and refreshing the entire time.

She's now here with a new track and we're super excited for you to hear it.

- Song Of The Day -
"Waking Up Slow" by Gabrielle Aplin

Gabrielle Aplin is a singer/songwriter based in Brighton, UK originally hailing in from Bath, UK.

Her music is heavily inspired by the Laurel Canyon music area and combines the beauty of folk with the vibes of  pop and hints of rock every now and again.
After uploading covers and originals on YouTube, the British musician founded her own label Never Fade Records to release her first few EPs.

Later she signed with Parlophone Records and released her debut album "English Rain" in 2013, which is now certified Gold in the UK.
Her second album "Light Up The Dark" presented a more mature and confident sound, whilst still sounding very much like Gabrielle. 

Whilst touring the world, the musician is also hosting the Never Fade Sessions in London, where Gabrielle gives independent artists the chance to perform in an intimate and friendly setting.
house in the sand favourites such as Robbie Cavanagh and Martin Luke Brown have played the Never Fade Sessions before.

Last year, Gabrielle released a four-track EP called "Miss You" and surprised her fans with a Pop sound, but still remained what she's cherished for and kept her stunning singer/songwriter roots alive.

And now she's back with an upcoming EP, "Avalon".
Today marks the release of its first single, "Waking Up Slow".

(In addition to the EP, Gabrielle is heading on tour through the USA and UK soon,
find dates and tickets here.)

"Waking Up Slow" takes you on an exciting ride through atmospheres.
The beginning of the track unfolds a very mystic, mysterious feeling, which stays throughout the song, but is slightly over-shadowed by the danceable and uptempo beat.

There's something magical, fairy-like about Gabrielle's sound which just stands out and lets you know it's her. Paired with her stunning vocals and writing skills, we have no doubts in the success of this track.

A lot of her previous songs are soundtracks for those heartbroken phases, we all go through at some point.
"Waking Up Slow" however, is an anthem of hope and happiness. It's uplifting and positive, and it invites you to blast it whilst enjoying the rest of your Summer.

Listen to "Waking Up Slow" below:

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Gabrielle Aplin online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | YouTube | Instagram

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Credits // Words: Vanessa Jertschewske | Image: via Gabrielle Aplin

Performance Of The Day: "Into Yellow" by Martin Luke Brown

Hey guys!

Exactly two weeks ago I had a fabulous time, sitting in a very fancy chair, watching Martin Luke Brown play a fantastic show in London.

He opened his set with a stunning acoustic version of his most recent single "Into Yellow".
I've had the song on repeat for a good few hours when I first heard it - and this acoustic version was equally addictive.

To my delight - and your delight once you hear it - said acoustic version has just been published.

Of course that means we have to feature it today!
So check it out!

- Performance Of The Day -
"Into Yellow" by Martin Luke Brown

Martin Luke Brown is a singer/songwriter from Leicester, UK.
Genrefying his music is definitely no simple thing to do as Martin combines pop elements with soulful vocals, a folky falsetto and electrifying beats. Maybe we'll settle for Alternative.

The young musician started gigging at the age of 14, uses the keyboard and the guitar on stage and also started working with backing tracks at live shows.

Back in 2014, house in the sand was introduced to Martin Luke Brown's music and we were convinced we'd be able to watch him go and create amazing music.

Martin has released a bunch of songs so far; "Nostalgia", "Scars On Scars" and "Love Me Sober" being his some of his most recognizable singles, which made him gain a loyal fanbase.

A few songs later, Martin seems to have found a new sound, which he presented proudly when releasing "Into Yellow". Not only does it feel like "a bit of a new beginning" for him, but also for his loyal followers.
The track is a stunning ballad with a very modern twist to it and keeps the listeners on their toes throughout the entire song.

And just to make us fall for the track even more, Martin has released a live and piano based performance of the song.

The stripped back version of "Into Yellow" allows the lyrics to fill the room with their fragile beauty.
It's a peaceful atmosphere which carefully wraps you in and gives you the chance to focus on the song.

Martin's seemingly effortless soul vocals, are here to hypnotize you and guide you through the song in such carefully crafted manner.
The calm piano chords first appear rather simple, but soon hit you with so much depth and emotion, that you might need to sit down. 

Watch the live video of Martin Luke Brown performing "Into Yellow" below:

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Martin Luke Brown online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | YouTube | Instagram

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Credits // Words: Vanessa Jertschewske | Image & Video: Martin Luke Brown

Video Interview: Rhys Lewis

Hey guys!

When you meet people to film an interview with, you rely on their mood and behaviour - as that makes up 50% of the interview.

Over the years I've chatted to quite a few people and it's so interesting to see the different dynamics you get.
I usually always have a great time and learn a lot from each interview.

The most enjoyable chats are with those people, who are genuinely nice and easy to get along with.

Today I get to share one of those fun interviews with you and I'm super excited about that.
I'm sure a lot of you have already heard about Rhys Lewis, but for those of you who haven't - let us introduce you to him.

Rhys Lewis is a singer/songwriter based in London, UK.

His sound is going to make every classic Soul lover's heart beat - combining Soul with elements of Folk, Rock and Blues, Rhys has quickly created a signature sound which will draw your attention to his work.

Spending most of the past year in studios in London, Nashville, Stockholm, Los Angeles and Berlin, the young musician has been writing and recording songs for his upcoming debut album.
His debut single "Waking Up Without You" hit #1 on Spotify's Viral Chart and reached 170 000 streams within two weeks.

Follow-up single "Living In The City" was just as strong and has now been streamed over 1.3 million times - a statement which probably speaks for itself.

His most recent single "I Know The Feeling" was written for a friend who was going through a tough time. The song and its music video adddress the importance of men's mental health.

On Friday, the 11th of August, Rhys will be releasing his next single, "Be Your Man".
To catch one of his upcoming Europe shows, make sure to click here for the dates.

Whilst I was in London, we had a little chat about his recent gigs in the Netherlands, his single "I Know The Feeling", polaroids and more.

Note: we had to move to another spot during the interview, but technically shot this in one go - don't be confused.

Check out the interview below:

Massive thank you to Rhys for this fun chat and to Heather and Milly for arranging it.

Watch the video for "I Know The Feeling":

Rhys Lewis online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | YouTube | Instagram

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Credits // Words & Video: Vanessa Jertschewske

Song Of The Day: "Better" by Declan J Donovan

Hey guys!

2017 is a great year for music fans.

I'm not sure it's the greatest year for the industry, as we're all just learning about the depths of streaming and how it affects the industry as we know it - but for all of us fans, it's great.

Music blogs and magazines are practically throwing "artists to watch" at us and it's amazing.
Inboxes are filled with promising releases and I think we should all appreciate the variety of new music that there is out there at the moment.

house in the sand is busier than ever and it's a fantastic feeling.

So, let's keep the spirits high and dive into some new music right away, shall we?

- Song Of The Day -
"Better" by Declan J Donovan

Declan J Donovan is one of those new and exciting artists, you better keep on your radar.
He's a singer/songwriter from Essex, UK, his sound classifies as Acoustic Pop.

Two years ago, Declan uploaded a demo on Soundcloud, not expecting much.
The song, which was written for his brother's wedding, ended up getting a lot of attention and has now gathered over 1.7 million stream on Soundcloud and YouTube.

His later released debut single, "Fallen So Young", is soon to hit 5 million streams online.
Declan's follow-up single, "Better", is bound to have the same kind of success.

Released via "0E0E Records", this track is going to make you feel all the feelings.

"Better" is one of those tracks, that bring out a lot of emotions within you.
It's touching and it's very emotional.

The simplicity in the beginning of the track, where it's just single e-guitar plugs and Declan's voice, sets the in such expressive, yet fragile way.

Declan's vocals are warm, souly and slightly smokey - and they carefully guide you through the song - making the lyrics even more intimate.

Soft percussions and layered harmonies deepen the intensity of the song and allow you to sink in even further, soaking up every little detail of the track.

"Better" is a beautiful song and should definitely find its way onto your next playlist.

Listen to "Better" below:

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Declan J Donovan online: Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | Instagram

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Credits // Words: Vanessa Jertschewske | Image: via Propeller Communications

EP Review: "Fine Love" by Martin Kelly

Hey guys!

We all have these artists, whose work we've been following for a while, right?

Ever since I've been running house in the sand, I've had a handful of acts, I have had the pleasure to watch as they continue to put out amazing work.
Not only is it wonderful as a music fan, it's also extremely inspiring to see how passionate these musicians are.

And because we think that passionate and talented musicians deserve all the noise we can make,
we're excited to share this EP with you!

Artist: Martin Kelly
Title: Fine Love
Genre: Indie, Folk
Label: Grand Hotel van Cleef
Release Date: 28th July 2017

Martin Kelly is a musician originally from Scotland, now based in Berlin, Germany.
A lot of you know Martin as one half of the duo Martin and James.

Ever since the band things slowed down, Martin has been writing and recording on his own.
His first tour and support tour with Noah Guthrie went down a treat and led to more gigs all over Germany.

Just last week, on July 28th, Martin released his debut EP as a solo artist and we couldn't be more excited about it.

Check out our review below!

1) Match Already Burned
2) Far Away
3) Fine Love
4) Heart On A Wire
5) Fisherman's Blues

Opener "Match Already Burned" has the scary job of giving a great first impression of the EP.
And it does its job perfectly.
Martin's signature finger picking on the acoustic guitar guides you carefully through the track.
The simplicity of the instrumentation is beautiful, yet anything but shallow. You can clearly tell that there's a lot of life in this song, the howling but subtle e-guitar being one of those breathing elements.
Whilst the lead vocals stay in the lower register, the backing vocals highlight the lyrics and give the song more grip.

Track two, "Far Away", stands out. Whilst the verses are kept charmingly calm, the choruses grow into something big and uplifting.
The bass drum, piano and percussion, give the song a very folky feeling and will make you clap your hands in along to the beat. It's that kind of song, you immediately start learning all the words to, so you can sing along.

"Heart On A Wire" might sound familiar to some of you - we've had the pleasure of hearing this song at an early stage, whilst Martin played it on a bridge in the woods - check out his performance here.
It has kept its acoustic charm, but has been turned into something slightly louder and more vivid.
One of the most surprising elements of the song, is the strong bassline that thrives throughout the song.

To sum it up: "Fine Love" is a carefully crafted EP. Every detail is tied in neatly and put together with so much thought.
You'll find ballads to dream to and folky tracks to sing along. It's never easy to showcase your catalogue with just five tracks, but Martin really nailed it.

You should listen to these tracks: Match Already Burned, Far Away, Fine Love

Listen to "Match Already Burned" below:

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Martin Kelly online: Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | YouTube | Instagram

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Credits // Words: Vanessa Jertschewske | Artwork: via Martin Kelly