Performance Of The Day: "Miracle Of Love" by Jamie Lawson

Hey guys!

It's probably no secret - I love observing music.
Might sound a little odd, but I think it's so fascinating to watch artists evolve and constantly put out fabulous work.

I get very excited when I see (hear) artists who have their very own signature sound,
but still aren't afraid to work in new and modern elements.

Social Media has made it so easy to follow musicians on the journey, so let's not waste our time and check out some sweet tunes!

- Performance Of The Day -
"Miracle Of Love" by Jamie Lawson

Jamie Lawson is a singer/songwriter, originally from Plymouth, now based in London, UK.

To tell you his entire story, I'd need to write a couple of pages. To avoid that, I'll try to give you the "quick JL guide", but please make sure to check out Jamie's full bio.

The musician from the United Kingdom has been writing and releasing music for years, he's been gigging loads and has built himself a loyal fanbase.

Between our first interview in November 2014 and this one, taped in November 2015,
 Jamie got signed to Ed Sheeran's label (Gingerbread Man Records), supported acts such as One Direction on tour, appeared on countless radio and TV shows, released his selftitled record and has won an Ivor Novello award.

And now he's back with new music!
His next album, "Happy Accidents", will be out on September 29th 2017.

He's already shared the first single, "Can't See Straight", with us.

And just last week he released a live performance of "Miracle Of Love".

As soon as the song starts, you just know it's Jamie Lawson.
It's the thoughtful songwriting, the emotional delivery - and of course - the voice.

"Miracle Of Love" is definitely a ballad, but one that's deeper than many others. It's not just the lyrics and the slower pace, that make this song an exceptionally beautiful one - it's the melody, the harmony of the different elements, they practically walk hand in hand.

You can tell that Jamie has spent a lot of time crafting his songs and that he's made sure to think of every detail you could wish for.

He kept his charming signature sound, but has managed to include new elements in such grace and elegance.

Make sure to check out the live performance of "Miracle Of Love" below:

- pre-order or stream the album "Happy Accidents" -

Jamie Lawson online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Instagram

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Credits // Words: Vanessa Jertschewske | Image: via Warner Music


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