EP Review: "Fine Love" by Martin Kelly

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We all have these artists, whose work we've been following for a while, right?

Ever since I've been running house in the sand, I've had a handful of acts, I have had the pleasure to watch as they continue to put out amazing work.
Not only is it wonderful as a music fan, it's also extremely inspiring to see how passionate these musicians are.

And because we think that passionate and talented musicians deserve all the noise we can make,
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Artist: Martin Kelly
Title: Fine Love
Genre: Indie, Folk
Label: Grand Hotel van Cleef
Release Date: 28th July 2017

Martin Kelly is a musician originally from Scotland, now based in Berlin, Germany.
A lot of you know Martin as one half of the duo Martin and James.

Ever since the band things slowed down, Martin has been writing and recording on his own.
His first tour and support tour with Noah Guthrie went down a treat and led to more gigs all over Germany.

Just last week, on July 28th, Martin released his debut EP as a solo artist and we couldn't be more excited about it.

Check out our review below!

1) Match Already Burned
2) Far Away
3) Fine Love
4) Heart On A Wire
5) Fisherman's Blues

Opener "Match Already Burned" has the scary job of giving a great first impression of the EP.
And it does its job perfectly.
Martin's signature finger picking on the acoustic guitar guides you carefully through the track.
The simplicity of the instrumentation is beautiful, yet anything but shallow. You can clearly tell that there's a lot of life in this song, the howling but subtle e-guitar being one of those breathing elements.
Whilst the lead vocals stay in the lower register, the backing vocals highlight the lyrics and give the song more grip.

Track two, "Far Away", stands out. Whilst the verses are kept charmingly calm, the choruses grow into something big and uplifting.
The bass drum, piano and percussion, give the song a very folky feeling and will make you clap your hands in along to the beat. It's that kind of song, you immediately start learning all the words to, so you can sing along.

"Heart On A Wire" might sound familiar to some of you - we've had the pleasure of hearing this song at an early stage, whilst Martin played it on a bridge in the woods - check out his performance here.
It has kept its acoustic charm, but has been turned into something slightly louder and more vivid.
One of the most surprising elements of the song, is the strong bassline that thrives throughout the song.

To sum it up: "Fine Love" is a carefully crafted EP. Every detail is tied in neatly and put together with so much thought.
You'll find ballads to dream to and folky tracks to sing along. It's never easy to showcase your catalogue with just five tracks, but Martin really nailed it.

You should listen to these tracks: Match Already Burned, Far Away, Fine Love

Listen to "Match Already Burned" below:

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Martin Kelly online: Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | YouTube | Instagram

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Credits // Words: Vanessa Jertschewske | Artwork: via Martin Kelly


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