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We hosted our very first live gig in Berlin - and this is what it looked like.

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Video Interview: Scenic Route To Alaska

Melting away in front of Stuttgart's castle, we had a chat about touring, band names, Toy Story and a lot more.

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Birthday Countdown | Day 28: Best Of

Hey guys,


Wow. We really did it. We really rocked through the month celebrating house in the sand's second birthday. 

But don't worry - I'm not hungover! March is going to be just as great as I've got lots of material just waiting to be seen.

Birthday Countdown | Day 27: Martin and James

Hey guys,

and we're closer to the end of the countdown. A bit too close if you ask me.

I really tried to not write too much in the Birthday Countdown posts because I wanted the videos to be in complete focus.
I still want that today, don't get me wrong. But there is no way I'm not going to write a massive lot about this very video.

Birthday Countdown | Day 26: Dan Dietrich

Hey guys,

it's day 26 and I'm still so excited about this project.

Dan Dietrich is an acoustic/folk/rock singer/songwriter from Darmstadt, Germany.

Birthday Countdown | Day 25: Under A Banner

Hey guys,

we're slowly but surely coming to the end of the countdown. Sad face.

Today on day 25 we're celebrating with Under A Banner.

Birthday Countdown | Day 24: Arionce

Hey guys,

day 24. Four more days until the birthday.

Arionce is a four piece band from Berlin, Germany. The guys play indie rock which is influenced by Foals, Myriad Creatures and Noel Gallagher just to name a few.

Birthday Countdown | Day 23: Ben Barritt

Hey guys,

it's day 23 and that means we're dangerously close to the official second birthday.
But let's celebrate until we reach the day.

Ben Barritt is no new name to those of you who read the blog regularly. But Ben brought along his good friend Mishka Adams since they are touring the Philippines together right now.

Birthday Countdown | Day 22: Lizabett Russo

Hey guys,

day 22! But let's not break out into that Taylor Swift song, shall we?

Lizabett Russo is a singer/songwriter from Aberdeen, Scotland. She plays acoustic music in such a beautiful way.

Birthday Countdown | Day 21: Palms and Pelicans

Hey guys,

it's day 21 of the Birthday Countdown. Already.
But I hope you're still enjoying this as much as I do.

Palms and Pelicans, a four piece band from The New Forest, UK, consists of Jack Lawrence (guitar, vocals), Mattea McKinnon (guitar, vocals), Matt Cummings (bass) and Will Woodfine (drums).

Birthday Countdown | Day 20: Jayden Blair

Hey guys,

day 20. 20 ... 20!

Jayden Blair is "a singer-songwriter, a freelance producer, and a rebel 24/7" so he states.
He's been making music for over 10 years now and his first official single should be released soon.

Birthday Countdown | Day 19: The Spase

Hey guys,

how can it already be day 19? This is so much fun.

The Spase an indie/alternative band from Halton, UK.
The band has initially played together under the name 20while40. That time they played in cool locations like The Zanzibar club.

Birthday Countdown | Day 18: Kiirstin Marilyn

Hey guys,

day 18!
Seriously ... my intros got so boring, right? Sorry guys! :)

Kiirstin Marilyn is a singer/songwriter from New York City, US.

She has been involved in music things such as theater plays, musicals, broadway and of course her own music.

Birthday Countdown | Day 17: The 1957 Tail-Fin Fiasco

Hey guys,

it's day 17. Big thanks to everyone who's been here since day 1. And thank you to everyone who just tuned in. :)

The 1957 Tail-Fin Fiasco have been on the blog before. That time they got a really good review.

Birthday Countdown | Day 16: Rosco McCabe

Hey guys,

day sixteeeen.

Rosco McCabe is a singer/songwriter from Coatbridge who resides in Manchester, UK.

Influenced by artists like The Doors, John Martyn, Led Zeppelin and more, Rosco's sound is wide-ranging but mostly folk based.

Birthday Countdown | Day 15: Shoot The Rabbit

Hey guys,

it's day 15 and that's cool.

And just as cool as that is the band Shoot The Rabbit.
The indie band from Wrexham, UK has been playing since 2008.

And they're tunes get stronger day by day.

Birthday Countdown | Day 14: Tom Mitchell

Hey guys,

half time. I just can not believe we're halfway through the Birthday Countdown.
But I'm so happy about your support and I'm sure you're going to enjoy the next half.

Tom Mitchell is a singer/songwriter from Bristol, UK. He's been in the industry for more than 20 years as a guitarist.
Over the years he has worked with artists such as Duffy, The Cadbury Sisters, Juey and John Madden.

Birthday Countdown | Day 13: The Rivertairs

Hey guys,

and now it's day 13! 

And today The Rivertairs bring some sunshine to us.

Birthday Countdown | Day 12: Lucy Hall & Jonny Skeates

Hey guys,

day 12! Day 12! I've got nothing more to say.

The dear Lucy Hall absolutely surprised me by filming a video together with her friend Jonny Skeates. That's the reason why there's only a picture of her - sorry Jonny!

But nonetheless I'm happy about the video they filmed. It's just amazing.

Birthday Countdown | Day 11: Winter In Toronto

Hey guys,

day eleven and I'm running out of funny things to say in the first sentence...

Winter In Toronto use the elements that fascinate me the most: voice, lyrics and guitar.
The duo from London, England consists of Cameron Pickard and Ellis Mizen.

The soft and hypnotizing picking and the calm and yet expressive voices work together so well and create an absolutely honest atmosphere.

Birthday Countdown | Day 10: Emma Harrop

Hey guys,

day 10! That means there are only 18 more days and that's sad.

But let's not spend this day with being sad but let's spend it enjoying the great music we get to hear this month.

Emma Harrop is a singer/songwriter from London, England.
She's been part of a girl rock band called My Heroine before becoming a solo artist.

Birthday Countdown | Day 9: Chris Stringer

Hey guys,

we're still going! Day 9 is rolling on and I'm still really excited.

Chris Stringer is a fabulous singer/songwriter from Swansea, UK. His genre would be acoustic but with pop and rock elements. Producers call him "an amazing guy to work with" and so his upcoming EP seems to be really promising.

Birthday Countdown | Day 8: The Arkanes

Hey guys,

the first week of our Birthday Countdown is over. (How can this already be going for a week?!)
And to start the second week - what could be better than some rock'n'roll?

The Arkanes are no new faces for a lot of you. They first got featured when they supported Jim Kroft and absolutely stood out with their energetic live performance.

The rock band from Liverpool consists of Chris (lead vocals, guitar), Dylan (guitar, vocals), Lee (bass, vocals) and Andy (drums).

Birthday Countdown | Day 7: Danton Jay

Hey guys,

the first week of our Birthday Countdown is technically over with todays video.

Danton Jay is a singer/songwriter from Victoria BC, Canada. His background is Belgian and Canadian and his music includes elements of rock, blues, R'n'B and folk.

Birthday Countdown | Day 6: The Unassisted

Hey guys,

day 6. This is so cool. I am so happy.
Are you too?

The Unassisted is one of the first bands I've ever featured and today they play a song for our second birthday. 
The band from Manchester, England consists of Jason (guitar, vocals), Mark (bass and guitar) and Chris (drums).

Birthday Countdown | Day 5: Liam McClair

Hey guys,

day 5 and I'm still so excited I could jump around non stop.
But I won't because then I wouldn't be able to upload these videos daily.

Today the incredible Liam McClair, an acoustic singer/songwriter from Manchester, England is going to please your ears.

Birthday Countdown | Day 4: Doodah Farm

Hey guys,

you're here to celebrate day 4 with me! How awesome! Thank you!
Also thank you for the amazing feedback so far, it makes me so happy and proud.

Today Doodah Farm, a folk band from Liverpool, England plays us a track for our second birthday.

Birthday Countdown | Day 3: Nina Yasmineh

Hey guys,

if you reading this you either just joined the Birthday Countdown or you just returned for the third time.
Either way - thank you.

Nina Yasmineh, a very fanstastic singer/songwriter from New York, US has been featured on house in the sand before.

She writes, plays and performs indie pop with a touch of electronic.
Her self-produced EP "Seven Years" got nothing but great reviews and that's no wonder.

Influnced by artists like Florence Welsh and Mikky Ekko,

Nina's sound switches from calm and relaxing to up bea and exciting.

You can basically find everything you'd like to hear.

And here is Nina performing Miquel's "Adorn" for our second birthday.

Birthday Countdown | Day 2: Mark Mathews

Hey guys,

it's day number 2! Already! (I'm still way too excited...)
Mark Mathews playsndie pop music. The singer/songwriter from Kent, England is influenced by The Beatles, Paul Weller, Oasis and a lot more.
Not only has he supported Frank Turner, Luke Toms and Draytones but also played hundreds of gigs and festivals.

 The London Metro Newspaper listed Mark as "one of the top three unsigned acts".
So far he released three EPs:
Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride (2006)
A Flash In A Pan (2008)
Moments & Movements (2012)

And today he is going to sing a song for house in the sand! How exciting!

Birthday Countdown | Day 1: Sarah Bollinger

Hey guys,

it's day 1 of the Birthday Countdown and if you're not familiar with it, please jump here first: Announcement: Birthday Countdown

 Sarah Bollinger, the singer/songwriter from St. Louis, US stands for talent.
I'm not exaggerating.
She really does.

Signed to Sweet Soul Records Japan Sarah released her debut album "Both/And", a 10 track recording. It's got a rather fun vibe, it's honest, personal and soul pop.
The piano lady has worked hard and out done herself.

And I'm absolutely honored to have her opening the Birthday Countdown today.