Birthday Countdown | Day 15: Shoot The Rabbit

Hey guys,

it's day 15 and that's cool.

And just as cool as that is the band Shoot The Rabbit.
The indie band from Wrexham, UK has been playing since 2008.

And they're tunes get stronger day by day.

David (lead guitar, vocals), Rhodri (drums), Adam (rhythm guitar) and Matt (bass) know how to create a slighty mysterious yet at times catchy sound.

Their latest EP "Heavy Eyelids" got lots of great feedback (from me...) and you guys reading.

And here they are with "Let Me Down", a track of that EP. And with lots of outtakes and laughs. Enjoy! :)

Rabbits - thanks so much! I absolutely love this video and of course our little insider at the end. (Cheers Matt!) I hope to see you guys soon!

Shoot The Rabbit online: Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud

Found the letter? If you don't know what this letter search is about - leave a comment and I'll tell you. :)


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