Birthday Countdown | Day 17: The 1957 Tail-Fin Fiasco

Hey guys,

it's day 17. Big thanks to everyone who's been here since day 1. And thank you to everyone who just tuned in. :)

The 1957 Tail-Fin Fiasco have been on the blog before. That time they got a really good review.

The pop / rock band from Essex, UK recorded and released the "Cruise Control" EP last year and did an amazing job creating a sound that varies between Little Richard, Elvis and Harley Earl.

Yes, that's a lot of big names. And The 1957 Tail-Fin Fiasco is a big name as well.

And here's live version of "The Legend Of Josy And The Juke", enjoy!
Make sure to stay tuned for the birthday message at the end.

Big thank you for this performance and the wonderful support! :)

The 1957 Tail-Fin Fiasco online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Bandcamp

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