Birthday Countdown | Day 9: Chris Stringer

Hey guys,

we're still going! Day 9 is rolling on and I'm still really excited.

Chris Stringer is a fabulous singer/songwriter from Swansea, UK. His genre would be acoustic but with pop and rock elements. Producers call him "an amazing guy to work with" and so his upcoming EP seems to be really promising.

With a love for 80s tunes, especially the pop ones, it's no surprise a lot of his influences are from that area. Artists such as Damien Rice, Phil Collins, Bruce Springsteen and Fleetwood Mac inspire his works.

I am really excited to see what Chris will deliver to us in the future. 

And today he rocks house in the sand with an acoustic version of Huey Lewis & The News' "The Power Of Love". 

Thank you very much Chris, I really appreciate your effort! :)

Chris Stringer online: Twitter | Facebook | Bandcamp

So guys, how's the letter search doing?


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