Birthday Countdown | Day 4: Doodah Farm

Hey guys,

you're here to celebrate day 4 with me! How awesome! Thank you!
Also thank you for the amazing feedback so far, it makes me so happy and proud.

Today Doodah Farm, a folk band from Liverpool, England plays us a track for our second birthday.

The band consist of Stevie, Mark, Joe and Jordan. Stevie and Mark first started out as a duo after Stevie realised he had more to say and got into writing music.
His old friend Mark soon joined him and the Doodah Farm started out. Soon the guys realised they needed a full band line-up.
How great they met Joe and Jordan who joined and that's how Doodah Farm was born and raised. They aim for big things and I think they can get there.

Today they're here to perform their original song called "The Other Side Of The World" - enjoy!

Doodah Farm, I salute you! Thank you for joining, drawing such cool poster and for all the enthusiam. It's appreciated!

Doodah Farm online: Website | Twitter | Soundcloud

Thanks for spending a bit of your time with us celebrating, that's so cool.
Did you find all hidden letters yet? Hint: they're super obvious.
Learn more about the hidden letters heeeere.

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