Birthday Countdown | Day 6: The Unassisted

Hey guys,

day 6. This is so cool. I am so happy.
Are you too?

The Unassisted is one of the first bands I've ever featured and today they play a song for our second birthday. 
The band from Manchester, England consists of Jason (guitar, vocals), Mark (bass and guitar) and Chris (drums).

They got together to play music and right from the very first note it worked out. And it still gets more amazing song by song. 
Their indie rock sound catches your attention and makes its way into you head .. and stays there for a while.
(I would know!)
Here they are playing teir song "Alone" live and for the little house in the sand. Enjoy!

Thank you thank you thank you guys! I'm so happy you're still on the house in the sand boat! :)

The Unassisted online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud

How's the hidden letter hunting going? ;)

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