Birthday Countdown | Day 7: Danton Jay

Hey guys,

the first week of our Birthday Countdown is technically over with todays video.

Danton Jay is a singer/songwriter from Victoria BC, Canada. His background is Belgian and Canadian and his music includes elements of rock, blues, R'n'B and folk.

In Spring 2013 he released his record "Morcenx" which is an honest and handmade recording. The songs are all inspired by his own experiences, the travels through Europe and life in general.
Danton's musical influences are artists like Colin James and The Philosopher Kings.

 And here you go - this is Danton performing his original "Race To Nowhere" for house in the sand.

A big thank you to Danton. It means a lot to know you took time to film this! :)

Danton Jay online: Twitter | Facebook | Youtube | Soundcloud

Are you still enjoying this month of live music? :)

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