Birthday Countdown | Day 23: Ben Barritt

Hey guys,

it's day 23 and that means we're dangerously close to the official second birthday.
But let's celebrate until we reach the day.

Ben Barritt is no new name to those of you who read the blog regularly. But Ben brought along his good friend Mishka Adams since they are touring the Philippines together right now.

Ben Barritt is a brilliant musician located in Berlin, Germany. After gigging every club possible and playing with loads of other musicians, for example Jim Kroft, the acoustic/folk-rock artist released his first EP, "Sundial".

Mishka Adams is a singer/songwriter from London, UK. The genres she plays are brazilian music, samba and folk. And jazz I think.

And here they are performing "Flying Home" for us at a beautiful campfire.

Ben, thank you so much for taking time to record this on your exciting adventure and big thanks to Mishka for singing along. I love this video! :)

Ben Barritt online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud
Mishka Adams online: Website | Facebook | Soundcloud | Youtube

Found letter 23? I did. :)

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