Birthday Countdown | Day 12: Lucy Hall & Jonny Skeates

Hey guys,

day 12! Day 12! I've got nothing more to say.

The dear Lucy Hall absolutely surprised me by filming a video together with her friend Jonny Skeates. That's the reason why there's only a picture of her - sorry Jonny!

But nonetheless I'm happy about the video they filmed. It's just amazing.

Lucy Hall is a singer/songwriter from Ipswich, UK. She's been working with Anada Records and has been gigging a lot so far.
She fits in the acoustic / acoustic pop genre and does a wonderful job writing songs.

And just like Lucy, Jonny is also a singer/songwriter based in Ipswich. He's been playing the guitar for about 10 years and started writing songs at the age of 14.
He also plays acoustic tunes.

And here they are performing "Cold Coffee" by my favourite Ed Sheeran. Enjoy!

Thank you both so much! Watching this video just makes me smile! That's great! :)

Lucy Hall online: Twitter | Reverbnation | Facebook | Soundcloud
Jonny Skeates online: Twitter | Reverbnation | Facebook

Everything alright dear people? 

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