Birthday Countdown | Day 5: Liam McClair

Hey guys,

day 5 and I'm still so excited I could jump around non stop.
But I won't because then I wouldn't be able to upload these videos daily.

Today the incredible Liam McClair, an acoustic singer/songwriter from Manchester, England is going to please your ears.

With a voice that can express all sorts of feelings from relaxing and calm to dark and passionate and
the right power of guiar and lyrics, Liam sure knows how to win his listeners over and how to soak them into a song.

His talent has been noticed by BBC Introducing Merseyside and Manchester United (his song "How" has been featured on the playlist at Manchester United's Ground Old Trafford) And house in the sand.

And today he plays his wonderful song "Roam The Globe" only for us!

Big thanks to Liam! I'll see you soon, I guess? :)

Liam McClair online: Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | Youtube

Keep watching out the hidden letters. You're doing well so far! :)
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