Reviewing music is probably the hardest part of being a music blogger. (in my opinion)
Because sometimes a musician's sound might not be what you would listen to in your free time, but that doesn't mean nobody else would.

But if you stay focused you might manage to give people an insight of what a record sounds like.

Reviewing gigs is probably my favourite part of being a music blogger.
It's all about transporting the emotions from the gig into your readers home.

Here's an overview of all review written for house in the sand:

 photo AlbumReviews_zpsbf0ca3a5.jpg
'Avril Lavigne' - Avril Lavigne
'Costumes And Such Of That Kind' - The Autumn Art Festival
'DEMI' - Demi Lovato
'Fragile' - Black and White Boy
'Glacia' - Western Jaguar
'Honestly' - Tyler Ward
'Life's A Show' - Martin and James
'Long Way Down' - Tom Odell
'Midnight Memories' - One Direction
'New World' - Tom Mitchell
'Quite Frankly' - Nina Baker
'Set Fire' - The Box Tiger
'Soul Searching' - Pete Lincoln
'Talk Back Baby' - Honeybone
'The Orange Line' - Wullae Wright
'Two Birds, One Stone Later' - NARCS
'W.A.R' - The Arkanes
'Wanted On Voyage' - George Ezra
'X' - Ed Sheeran
'Yellow Lorry' - Andrew Ferris
'You' - Of Clocks And Clouds
 photo ConcertReviews_zpsddb5673b.jpg
23rd May 2014: The Arkanes, Berlin
13th April 2014: Martin and James, Freiburg
8th April 2014: The Arkanes, Stuttgart
6th March 2014: Tom Odell, Stuttgart
5th+6th February 2014: Martin and James, Zurich+Darmstadt
24th October 2013: Martin and James, Stuttgart
18th October 2013: Martin and James, Berlin
24th May 2013: Jim Kroft, Mannheim
18th May 2013: Tom Odell, Cologne
30th October 2012: Martin and James, online gig
19th May 2012: Martin and James, Dachau
24th March 2012: Musikmesse Frankfurt

 photo EPReviews_zpsa1feb20a.jpg
'Dan meets Portland' - Dan meets Portland
'Heady Eyelids' - Shoot The Rabbit
'Look.See.Don't.Trip.' - Kismet Ryding
'Me & You' - Marcas O'hUigin
'New Monster Invasion' - Panic Tree
'Not Enough Miles' - Rosco McCabe
'Paradise Blue' - Moonlands
'Pretty Girls' - The Young Wild Hearts
'Revolution' - The Unassisted
'Robin Hood' - Louise Parker
'Ruthless Thing' - Tom Mitchell
'Sea Of Yards' - Greg McEvoy
'Seven Years' - Nina Yasmineh
'Strange Shores' - Crash Island
'Sundial' - Ben Barritt
'The Cruise Control EP' - The 1957 Tail-Fin Fiasco
'The Future Is Amazing' - Fashion Week
'The Traveller's Song' - Lizabett Russo
'Thickets' - Thickets
'Topanga' - decoded

 photo SongReviews_zps93d41d73.jpg 
'Broken Jaw' - Laurel Canyons
'Creep' - Emine
'Forgiven' - Lizabett Russo
'Freedom Fighter' - TiTORS iNSiGNiA
'Guide You Home' - Fluorescent Hearts
'Howling' - Adam Barnes
'It's Not What You Know' - Arizona Rifles
'Lifeline' - Holly Elle
'Lucky One' - Humbug
'Monsters' - Bloody Diamonds
'Nostalgia' - Martin Luke Brown
'Satellites' - Alex Stockley
'Tell Me Toby' - The Megadudes


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