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Martin and James bracelet.

Hey guys, 
this is an updated version of the Martin and James blogpost I once wrote.
Since I promised Martin and James a bracelet  and a few fans actually wanted to have one too,
I decided to print about 20 bracelets. 11 are already taken, but I still need 9 more people to take one.
If you are interested in taking one please e-mail me and tell me about it.
Also message me a color suggestion. I'm still collecting them and will decide which color we will take as soon as I got 20 people. :)
I will send your further details (like the price, the delivery and everything else) if you message me.

Please spread the word and send as much Martin and James fans as you can. :) 

x - Vanessa. 

My favorite lyrics.

Today I feel like writing a blogpost about my favorite lyrics. I will pick one lyrics from each of my favorite musicians. 
I'm really into song lyrics because to me that's what music is about. I want to connect to a song. I want to express my feelings with songs. That's probably why I'm writing songs too. If you read my songs, you'd feel like reading my dairy.

Here we goooo:

Taylor Swift:
-> The Story Of Us: "and I'm dying to know is it killing you, like it's killing me." 

Jonas Brothers:
-> Take A Breath: "people change and promises are broken." 

Demi Lovato:
-> Skyscraper: "go run run run, I'm gonna stay right here - watch you disappear."

Bruno Mars:
-> It Will Rain: "just like the clouds my eyes will do the same, if you walk away, everyday it will rain."

Martin and James:
-> Wrong Directions: "I build my house in the sand, 'till the waves knock it down."

-> I Don't Wanna Lose You: "we're trying our best to keep this alive, but neither one of us knows how to survive."

I hope you liked my song blogpost. Let me know about your favorite lyrics. :) 

x - Vanessa.

Musikmesse Frankfurt 2012

The Musikmesse in Frankfurt turned out to be way different than expected. 

To be honest I did not see a lot of the Musikmesse because I spent my time with Martin and James. :D 
We had some trouble arriving at the awards because that mass was huge! Luckily a friend knew everything and we stood in the front row. The Awards Ceremony was actually pretty good because we got to see a lot of talented musicians. But of course I was only waiting for Martin and James. They won the "Best Newcomer" award and performed "Tides" on stage. It was magical. 

Afterwards they said the musicians will be a signing. Of course I had to go there but we almost didn't find it again. It's just crazy how big the mass was. But we made it in time and lined up. 
When I stood in line Martin randomly looked over and I waved him with the CD booklet. He smiled and kinda waved back, what made me smile even more. :D (Oh god.. let the fangirling begin)
When it was my turn to meet all the musicians I first got an autograph from David Pfeffer, then there was another guy sitting there but he was busy with two kids, so I left him out and went straight to Martin and James with the words "I can't wait." which made them laugh. :D
Then I asked for an autograph on my CD booklet. Martin thanked me for bringing it and asked for my name. Then he and James signed it. Of course I had to show them my "Martin and James" bracelet. Martin remembered it from their Facebook wall and James looked super surprised and said "That looks great." I told them they would get one soon. James went all like "Hooow?" (that was so funny) I told them I would see them in Unterbachern in May and there I'll bring them one. Their reaction was fabulous. :D
Again they thanked me for coming and then we took a picture together.. that was also funny because my friend needed a lot of time taking those pics so we just sat there with smiles on and somehow starting laughing when James said "ohhoooh - special effects". 

Afterwards Martin said "thank you Vanessa and see you soon." and I just smiled saying "thank you for your music." :) Then I had to go and guys .. I freaked out. :)

Martin and James are probably the most charming guys EVER. :) I'm still smiling like a dork. And I can't wait to meet them this May again. (and of course give them their bracelets.) As you can tell I had a wonderful day and now you will see a few pictures from yesterday. :) 

Thank you Martin Kelly and James O'Neill. :) 

I hope you enjoyed this blogpost. 

Meeting the most adorable guys. :) (sorry for the beer :D)

Martin was the best asking me if they should sign the front or the back. :D 

Performing "Tides" at the awards.

Close-Up from James. :) he looked great, right? 

Close-Up from Mr. Kelly. :)

Probably my favorite. :) <3

x - Vanessa.


Hey guys,

I just passed a really stressy week and I'm so glad it's finally weekend. 
School takes a lot of time right now because the finals aren't far away and of course I want to succeed. :)
So beside studying like crazy I'm also planning and organizing a few things for this blog. 
One event I will blog about in a few days is the "Musikmesse" in Frankfurt. (=musicmass) which is tomorrow.
I have the chance to visit the whole mass, an awards ceremony and might even get to sneak backstage at a special part where I hopefully get the chance to meet a few musicians. :)

There won't be a blogpost everyday, but I'll try to make the ones I post very special in the future.
I hope you guys stick along with me and will have as much fun as I will have. :) 

Stay tuned for exciting things.

x - Vanessa.

My favorite Apps.

Hey guys, 

because my blog is a "I blog about whatever I want and can't define this blog"-blog, today I want to blog about Apps. I have an iPod Touch and now I want to show you my favorite Apps on there. :)

Twitter - of course, I mean I'm a Twitterjunkie so, I love the Twitter App.
Blogger - duh! Since I have a blog, I totally need to be able to blog even when I'm not home.
Instagram - I just love love love this app. It's perfect to upload snapshots. 
AccuWeather - this app is perfect to check the weather in your hometown, so you'll always be dressed right.
Photomaton - probably my favorite picture app because you take 4 pictures in a row and they turn out like those you take in those photo booths. 
Facebook - it's a great app just to stay in touch with your friends. 

Those apps are probably my most used ones. Let me know what your favorite apps are! :))

Stay technical modern. ;) 

x - Vanessa.

Strasbourg, France.


today I'm finally showing you a few pictures from my trip to Strasbourg. 
You will get to see a few impressions from this really beautiful city and of course
you'll see a lot of fancy stuff. (I love taking pictures of random things.<3)
I think Strasbourg is the perfect place for photographers because almost everything there
is totally worth a picture. And the athmosphere is wonderful :) (and there are quite a
few great stores.) 

I really suggest visiting France - especially Paris and Strasbourg. So, if you've
been there, let me know what you think. :) 

Now have fun with the pictures. :) 

J'aime la ville de Strasbourg! :)

x  - Vanessa.

Road trips.

Since I was on the road all day (I'm actually still in the bus, writing this from my phone) my friend Romina asked me to blog about road trips.

Here we go.

Well, I do love being on the road. You get to wave at other people, see cool cars and of course you get to see another city. Today our class went to Strasbourg, France. At first we learned tons about the history. Then we discovered this beautiful city. It was amazing.
Right now I'm listening to Jim Kroft. :)

Also I want to mention that exactly one year ago I first met Martin and James. <3

I hope you all had a nice Monday.

- x Vanessa.


Hey there. 
Today I'd looove to write about my biggest influence in fashion - Taylor Swift.

I just adore her style - it's girly, dreamy but still a little bit edgy. And adorable. 
I think it's amazing how she always combinates dresses with like .. everything. And whatever she wears makes you get how she feels. Her dresses during the "Speak Now" tour were incredible! I fell in love with every single one. You know the colors, the way she dressed them up with wonderful shoes and a few accessoires - just wonderful. If I had to pick one of the dresses from each part of the tour (the European tour and the American tour) I would pick:

The "Back To December" dress from the American part of the tour.

The "Enchanted" dress from the European part of the tour.

And of course the golden dress she wore everywhere. 

I hope you liked my Taylor style post. I loved writing it.

Stay dressy. ;)

x - Vanessa.

Martin and James

Yepp, the second post about the two Scotts is online now. ;)

But this one is for the fans. 

I created my own bracelet saying "Martin and James" - (you can see it on the picture). I've been told that other fans really like it, so I had the idea of creating a few more, probably in different designs (this one was my first go) but of course I'm waiting for an O.K. from Martin and James. 

(this is my first one. it's purple with silver writing)

I also need to know if anyone would be interested in getting one. So if you are - leave a comment or message me on Twitter

Don't move in the wrong directions,

x - Vanessa.


Lately I really got to know a lot of different accents. I've always known the German ones, but in the last few weeks I heard different Spanish, French and English accents. 
Especially the English accents: I grew up talking American English, my teacher at school talks British English and lately I've reeeeeally been hearing alot of Scotts talking. 
I'm totally fascinated by all those different ways of talking the same language - it's something magical to me.
Talking about the English accents, my all time favorite is American English, but right now I'm totally in love with the Scottish accents. Blame that on Martin and James - they just sound super super cute. 

So today's blog was all about language, and I think that's important, because without language we wouldn't even be able to blog about it. Right? 
(I know, I know, deep thoughts...)

Do you like any accent? :)

Keep talking any wonderful accent you talk. ;)

x - Vanessa.

The little things.

Monday morning 5.30am - my alarm clock sets off. 
You probably can imagine my face and my mood... not happy at all.
I had five minutes to wake up and so I took my iPod and checked Twitter and Facebook, I had one new notification on FB: Thomas Martin Kelly likes your photo on Martin and James's wall. 
Believe it or not but I jumped out of my bed, with my hair all messed up, my pyjamas on, but with the biggest smile on my face, ran over to Mom's room and told her about it. She was like: "that's awesome ! He just saved your Monday, right?" (she knows me too well).
So, at school my mood got worse again because of that "friend" I told you about. But in art lessons our teacher always turns on the radio, and my favorite Katy Perry song "Part Of Me" (told you about it in the same post) came on. I took the lyrics personally and did not let her take this part of me from me. 
Then I got into the car and "When Did Your Heart Go Missing?" by Rooney came on. Really, those little things completly made my day better.

So the point of telling you a little bit about my Monday is - enjoy the little things in life. You can't always expect much, but the little things are everywhere and just wait for you to realize them and let them make you happy. Listen to the radio carfeully, smile at a stranger, cuddle with your pet or (like I did) wait until Martin likes your post ;)

Keep your head up and smile! :)

x - Vanessa.


I can't believe it's been almost a year since I interviewed my favorite band's bassist.
I decided to upload the interview with Brandon Schwartzel on my blog. On my support account on Twitter (@bwandosupport) I got a lot of new followers over the year and they probably haven't seen the interview, so this blog is perfect to share it again. 
And I think those who already read it might will like to read it again, too. Oh, and those who don't know Rooney will see how awesome they are. :) 

I hope you enjoy.
Feel free to check Rooney out: :)

x - Vanessa.

The interview: 

What are Rooney's plans for the future?
---play music until we convince enough people to be fans and then we'll brainwash them into fighting in our global takeover

What inspires you?
---being able to do this for a living

favorite song to play on stage?
---i should've been after you,

How did you make it into the band?
---My old band Castledoor recorded a record with Robert. Then when our band disbanded and Matt left Rooney, the guys asked me if i wanted to join. Just worked out perfectly i guess.

Who's the boss of the band?
---Me of course

Do you have any advice for new musicians?
---don't leave your equipment in your car

Who writes most of the songs?

Does anyone of you have a special nickname? if so why?
---sometimes people call me tall, because i'm 6'3"

Would you play private parties for your fans?
---if they provided achoholic beverages

Would you write songs with unpopular musicians?
---why not

If you could choose 1 person, dead or alive, to work with, who would it be?
---Aretha Franklin

What's the best thing about going on tour?
---Free food and drinks

Anything you want to tell your fans?
---FIDLAR (google it)

Fan questions: 

When did you start playing bass?
---well I started playing music when i was 7 but didn't pick up bass until about 11th grade.

Will you be on tour with Rooney in February again?

Tell us a funny moment from last tour.
---We were in Austin the last night of tour and had a few drinks to celebrate and we had collected a bunch of fireworks throughout our trip and decided it'd be fun if we had a fireworks show in the parking lot by our hotel....well apparently the Austin Police Department didn't think it was fun and let's just say i can't get in trouble in Austin again.

Who are your favorite artists?
---FIDLAR, Doom and Gloom, Lesands


"When your heart is in your dreams, no request is too extreme."
                                                      - Jiminy Cricket

I've always been a dreamer. Most people always told me I would never reach any of my dreams. But I've shown them that I can reach them.
And you know what? - I want to continue like that. I want my dreams to come true, I want to show people the beauty of my dreams, I want to inspire others to dream big, to believe in their dreams, I want to stay the same dreamer I am.

So, I have reached many goals of mine. And I think there IS a recipe for that - your heart.
It has to be in whatever you do. A dream can't come true if you don't believe in it, if you don't put you heart in it.
But don't forget to work for it. Believing in a dream is the first part, but working for it is probably the most important part. 

Dream big.

x - Vanessa. 

A girl doesn't need anyone who doesn't need her.
- Marilyn Monroe 
This quote completly inspired me. I had some trouble with a friend 
the last few days.. she was jealous because of things a real
friend would never be jealous of. 
Probably 2 years ago being in a situation like this, I would be
sitting in my room, crying and complaining how I 
always find the wrong people.
Nowadays I take those things as a lesson
I have to learn. Things like being fooled by a wrong
friend make you stronger. 

The song "Part Of Me" by Katy Perry also fits my situation
perfectly. Here are a few lines from it:

"This is the part of me that you never gonna ever take away from me, no.
Throw your stick and your stones,
throw your bombs and your blows,
but you're never gonna break my soul."

I hope this blog post might help you to grow stronger.
Let those hard situations help you. ;)

Stay strong.
x - Vanessa.

Bags are a girl's best friend.

As I told you in my first post, I want to blog about everything.
Today my topic is "fashion". 
This wonderful bag on the picture is definitely on my "want to have-list".
Isn't it just gorgeous? Somehow I really
fell in love with it. If I just can find a dupe.. 

I love the simple design, the color and just the
many options you have to dress any outfit
up with it. 
Imagine wearing a white oversized shirt, 
moonwashed jeans, brown flats and this bag,
wouldn't that look perfect? 
Or just like Miss Taylor Swift wears this bag
together with this super nice dress and those
nude shoes. Wonderful. :)

What do you think about this bag? :)
Let me know. 

x - Vanessa.