Hey guys,

I just passed a really stressy week and I'm so glad it's finally weekend. 
School takes a lot of time right now because the finals aren't far away and of course I want to succeed. :)
So beside studying like crazy I'm also planning and organizing a few things for this blog. 
One event I will blog about in a few days is the "Musikmesse" in Frankfurt. (=musicmass) which is tomorrow.
I have the chance to visit the whole mass, an awards ceremony and might even get to sneak backstage at a special part where I hopefully get the chance to meet a few musicians. :)

There won't be a blogpost everyday, but I'll try to make the ones I post very special in the future.
I hope you guys stick along with me and will have as much fun as I will have. :) 

Stay tuned for exciting things.

x - Vanessa.


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