Musikmesse Frankfurt 2012

The Musikmesse in Frankfurt turned out to be way different than expected. 

To be honest I did not see a lot of the Musikmesse because I spent my time with Martin and James. :D 
We had some trouble arriving at the awards because that mass was huge! Luckily a friend knew everything and we stood in the front row. The Awards Ceremony was actually pretty good because we got to see a lot of talented musicians. But of course I was only waiting for Martin and James. They won the "Best Newcomer" award and performed "Tides" on stage. It was magical. 

Afterwards they said the musicians will be a signing. Of course I had to go there but we almost didn't find it again. It's just crazy how big the mass was. But we made it in time and lined up. 
When I stood in line Martin randomly looked over and I waved him with the CD booklet. He smiled and kinda waved back, what made me smile even more. :D (Oh god.. let the fangirling begin)
When it was my turn to meet all the musicians I first got an autograph from David Pfeffer, then there was another guy sitting there but he was busy with two kids, so I left him out and went straight to Martin and James with the words "I can't wait." which made them laugh. :D
Then I asked for an autograph on my CD booklet. Martin thanked me for bringing it and asked for my name. Then he and James signed it. Of course I had to show them my "Martin and James" bracelet. Martin remembered it from their Facebook wall and James looked super surprised and said "That looks great." I told them they would get one soon. James went all like "Hooow?" (that was so funny) I told them I would see them in Unterbachern in May and there I'll bring them one. Their reaction was fabulous. :D
Again they thanked me for coming and then we took a picture together.. that was also funny because my friend needed a lot of time taking those pics so we just sat there with smiles on and somehow starting laughing when James said "ohhoooh - special effects". 

Afterwards Martin said "thank you Vanessa and see you soon." and I just smiled saying "thank you for your music." :) Then I had to go and guys .. I freaked out. :)

Martin and James are probably the most charming guys EVER. :) I'm still smiling like a dork. And I can't wait to meet them this May again. (and of course give them their bracelets.) As you can tell I had a wonderful day and now you will see a few pictures from yesterday. :) 

Thank you Martin Kelly and James O'Neill. :) 

I hope you enjoyed this blogpost. 

Meeting the most adorable guys. :) (sorry for the beer :D)

Martin was the best asking me if they should sign the front or the back. :D 

Performing "Tides" at the awards.

Close-Up from James. :) he looked great, right? 

Close-Up from Mr. Kelly. :)

Probably my favorite. :) <3

x - Vanessa.


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