The little things.

Monday morning 5.30am - my alarm clock sets off. 
You probably can imagine my face and my mood... not happy at all.
I had five minutes to wake up and so I took my iPod and checked Twitter and Facebook, I had one new notification on FB: Thomas Martin Kelly likes your photo on Martin and James's wall. 
Believe it or not but I jumped out of my bed, with my hair all messed up, my pyjamas on, but with the biggest smile on my face, ran over to Mom's room and told her about it. She was like: "that's awesome ! He just saved your Monday, right?" (she knows me too well).
So, at school my mood got worse again because of that "friend" I told you about. But in art lessons our teacher always turns on the radio, and my favorite Katy Perry song "Part Of Me" (told you about it in the same post) came on. I took the lyrics personally and did not let her take this part of me from me. 
Then I got into the car and "When Did Your Heart Go Missing?" by Rooney came on. Really, those little things completly made my day better.

So the point of telling you a little bit about my Monday is - enjoy the little things in life. You can't always expect much, but the little things are everywhere and just wait for you to realize them and let them make you happy. Listen to the radio carfeully, smile at a stranger, cuddle with your pet or (like I did) wait until Martin likes your post ;)

Keep your head up and smile! :)

x - Vanessa.


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