My favorite Apps.

Hey guys, 

because my blog is a "I blog about whatever I want and can't define this blog"-blog, today I want to blog about Apps. I have an iPod Touch and now I want to show you my favorite Apps on there. :)

Twitter - of course, I mean I'm a Twitterjunkie so, I love the Twitter App.
Blogger - duh! Since I have a blog, I totally need to be able to blog even when I'm not home.
Instagram - I just love love love this app. It's perfect to upload snapshots. 
AccuWeather - this app is perfect to check the weather in your hometown, so you'll always be dressed right.
Photomaton - probably my favorite picture app because you take 4 pictures in a row and they turn out like those you take in those photo booths. 
Facebook - it's a great app just to stay in touch with your friends. 

Those apps are probably my most used ones. Let me know what your favorite apps are! :))

Stay technical modern. ;) 

x - Vanessa.


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