Lately I really got to know a lot of different accents. I've always known the German ones, but in the last few weeks I heard different Spanish, French and English accents. 
Especially the English accents: I grew up talking American English, my teacher at school talks British English and lately I've reeeeeally been hearing alot of Scotts talking. 
I'm totally fascinated by all those different ways of talking the same language - it's something magical to me.
Talking about the English accents, my all time favorite is American English, but right now I'm totally in love with the Scottish accents. Blame that on Martin and James - they just sound super super cute. 

So today's blog was all about language, and I think that's important, because without language we wouldn't even be able to blog about it. Right? 
(I know, I know, deep thoughts...)

Do you like any accent? :)

Keep talking any wonderful accent you talk. ;)

x - Vanessa.


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