Hey there. 
Today I'd looove to write about my biggest influence in fashion - Taylor Swift.

I just adore her style - it's girly, dreamy but still a little bit edgy. And adorable. 
I think it's amazing how she always combinates dresses with like .. everything. And whatever she wears makes you get how she feels. Her dresses during the "Speak Now" tour were incredible! I fell in love with every single one. You know the colors, the way she dressed them up with wonderful shoes and a few accessoires - just wonderful. If I had to pick one of the dresses from each part of the tour (the European tour and the American tour) I would pick:

The "Back To December" dress from the American part of the tour.

The "Enchanted" dress from the European part of the tour.

And of course the golden dress she wore everywhere. 

I hope you liked my Taylor style post. I loved writing it.

Stay dressy. ;)

x - Vanessa.


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