I can't believe it's been almost a year since I interviewed my favorite band's bassist.
I decided to upload the interview with Brandon Schwartzel on my blog. On my support account on Twitter (@bwandosupport) I got a lot of new followers over the year and they probably haven't seen the interview, so this blog is perfect to share it again. 
And I think those who already read it might will like to read it again, too. Oh, and those who don't know Rooney will see how awesome they are. :) 

I hope you enjoy.
Feel free to check Rooney out: :)

x - Vanessa.

The interview: 

What are Rooney's plans for the future?
---play music until we convince enough people to be fans and then we'll brainwash them into fighting in our global takeover

What inspires you?
---being able to do this for a living

favorite song to play on stage?
---i should've been after you,

How did you make it into the band?
---My old band Castledoor recorded a record with Robert. Then when our band disbanded and Matt left Rooney, the guys asked me if i wanted to join. Just worked out perfectly i guess.

Who's the boss of the band?
---Me of course

Do you have any advice for new musicians?
---don't leave your equipment in your car

Who writes most of the songs?

Does anyone of you have a special nickname? if so why?
---sometimes people call me tall, because i'm 6'3"

Would you play private parties for your fans?
---if they provided achoholic beverages

Would you write songs with unpopular musicians?
---why not

If you could choose 1 person, dead or alive, to work with, who would it be?
---Aretha Franklin

What's the best thing about going on tour?
---Free food and drinks

Anything you want to tell your fans?
---FIDLAR (google it)

Fan questions: 

When did you start playing bass?
---well I started playing music when i was 7 but didn't pick up bass until about 11th grade.

Will you be on tour with Rooney in February again?

Tell us a funny moment from last tour.
---We were in Austin the last night of tour and had a few drinks to celebrate and we had collected a bunch of fireworks throughout our trip and decided it'd be fun if we had a fireworks show in the parking lot by our hotel....well apparently the Austin Police Department didn't think it was fun and let's just say i can't get in trouble in Austin again.

Who are your favorite artists?
---FIDLAR, Doom and Gloom, Lesands


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