HITS favourites

If you get to the point of featuring hundreds of artists and bands a year,
it becomes impossible to listen to every single one on a daily (or weekly) basis.

So, although you enjoy every song you feature - you'll find yourself having favourites.

And our list of favourites keeps growing, which is why we have decided to start this tab, so that we can share our favourite finds with you.

The list below will be updated every week with one artist/band being added to the mix.

So grab your headphones and listen your way through the list - mega hits are promised.


Act: Morgan Harper-Jones
Genre: Folk, Soul
Location: Manchester, UK

Why they're our favourites: Because Morgan is outspoken, talented and knows how to make her listeners think about the lines she's singing.
Her voice is incredible and just controls your attention with such ease, making you want to listen to all of her tracks - on repeat.

It's absolutely amazing to stumble upon such creative and kind human beings, so make sure you follow Morgan to keep up to date with her upcoming work.
We definitely will.

Morgan Harper-Jones online: Facebook | Soundcloud


Act: Martin Kelly
Genre: Folk
Location: Berlin, Germany

Why they're our favourites: Because we love words - and Martin knows how to use them.
If you're a nerd for clever lyrics, let Martin impress you with metaphors, lively descriptions and vivid stories.

On top of that you'll get genius riffs aplenty paired with expressive and smooth vocals.
You couldn't really ask for more, could you?

Martin Kelly online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | YouTube | Instagram


Act: James Edan
Genre: Alt-Folk
Location: Glasgow, Scotland

Why they're our favourites: Because we all need to know a musician who can make us stomp our feet to an upbeat track - right before making us cry with an emotional ballad.
James does just that and we can't imagine a favourites list without him on it.

As soon as you'll listen to his tracks, you'll notice his powerful vocals - which honestly win us over every time we listen to one of his tracks.

James Edan online: Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | YouTube | Instagram


Act: Jim Kroft
Genre: Alternative
Location: Berlin, Germany

Why they're our favourites: We love multi-media projects - and Jim Kroft is the master of those.
Not only will his music touch your heart and soul, his writings, photographs and documentaries will too.

From the first chord we've heard until the most recent Instagram post we've seen, Jim has had our full attention and has influenced us in so many ways. That's why he's always going to be a HITS favourite.

Jim Kroft online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | YouTube | Instagram


This list will be updated every Thursday.

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