Vanessa's corner

On this page you'll find a selection of posts written by house in the sand founder Vanessa.

They are the kind of posts that were written with a lot of emotion but don't classify as the standard music posts.

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how I find motivation and inspiration: A few tips and tricks to keep creativity around.


left // end of the year 2017: No matter what a year was like, it's good and important to reflect on the time. It helps us reset and find focus.

right // cry hard, dance harder: Dark times hit us all, and it's good to let them bring us down for a while. But when there's light, we need to hold onto it and dance.


left // told you so: Ever had a creative dry spell? Yeah, me too. This post is all about being tired and admitting so.

right // we are Manchester: A letter to Manchester written after the attack at Manchester arena.

women in music: A post about sexism in the music industry explaining some of the issues I've experienced and how I feel about the changes we need. 


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