end of the year: 2017

Hey guys!

Vanessa here.
It's the end of 2017, a turbulent year that at times felt a bit like a long-haul flight.
Every year, I sit down on the 31st to type up a post trying to sum up the year - and tradition is a fun thing, so I'm back to do it again.

So, where to start?

2017 was another full year of house in the sand existing.
That's a cool statement.
We're still here, we're still going.

And it's been alright, it's been a learning process.
Usually I can find a way to describe each year, 2016 for example was a year of figuring new things out, 2015 was one hell of a success.
But 2017 makes this tradition a little bit more difficult.

So maybe I'll stick to calling it a long-haul flight.
You know, the feeling when you're on a plane and you know you're going really fast, but it just feels very still.
It was a bit weird.

But it was definitely filled with highlights - we featured favourite acts only and our team grew.
We found our spot in the blogosphere and figured out what our part is.
We travelled, we photographed, we filmed and we made friends.

Yeah, maybe 2017 was the year of friendship.
Not the shallow, "hi, nice to meet you, let's be Facebook friends" friendship, but the "hi, you're kinda cool, I've got your back" friendship.
And that's a success.

We haven't been the most visited blog, we haven't chatted to hundreds of famous acts, but we have been able to connect with people.
And honestly, that's what blogging is about - in my opinion at least.

So yeah, 2017 happened and 2018 is about to happen and let's be honest, nobody really has a clue what it's going to be like.
But we may all kick butts (our own as well if necessary), may we all bond a little more and may we all use our brains to figure out right and wrong.

And - most importantly - may we all dance to our favourite songs more often.

Alright, that's enough with the words for today.

Go on kids, have some fun.
But come back, we'll be waiting for you.

Thank you for sticking with us for another year,
you're the fuel I need and I fucking cherish this support.

Thank you thank you!

Lots of love,


Credits // Words & Photography: Vanessa Jertschewske


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