Best Of 2017: music photography

Hey guys!

It's the end of 2017.
Well, almost.

If you've been with house in the sand for a while, you'll know that we usually lose our minds during this time of year and hang out with nostalgia 24/7.
If this is your first end of a year with us - welcome, you're in for a lot of cheese.

There will be an in-depth post about how this year felt to us and what not on December 31st, so if you're interested in that, please stick around.

Today I, Vanessa, want to dedicate a post to our incredible team of photographers.
This has been the second year of working with a team and it's been such a learning curve.

We've had to let some people go but we've also welcomed a bunch of new faces.
It's shone through who is serious about this and it's been fun.

The team members who took the photos below have been such fun to work with and made my task of being the editor so much easier.
So- Saar, Gabby, Melissa, Sam, Jess, Gina & Carolyn - thank you ladies for being a part of this madness - I can't wait to see who will be in front of our lenses next year.

So in true house in the sand manner, I've gone and picked out one photo from every show we've photographed this year.

If you wish to see more photos of a certain show, all you have to do is click the photo and you'll find the full gallery.

In case you would like to support our mighty team, just click the photographers' names and you'll find their websites/social media channels.



Black Honey // 25th January // Amsterdam (NL)
- photographed by Saar

Colony House // 4th March // Washington (US)
- photographed by Gabby -

Walking On Cars // 7th March // Stuttgart (GER)
- photographed by Vanessa -

Milky Chance // 8th March // Los Angeles (US)
- photographed by Melissa -

Mayday Parade // 9th May // New York City (US)
- photographed by Sam -

KT Tunstall // 22nd May // London (UK)
- photographed by Jess -

Josh Savage // 3rd June // Ötisheim (GER)
- photographed by Vanessa -

Charlie Hole // 1st September // Ötisheim (GER)
- photographed by Vanessa -

Mutemath // 20th September // New York City (US)
- photographed by Gina -

Gavin James // 6th October // Amsterdam (NL)
- photographed by Saar -

The Coronas // 8th October // Stuttgart (GER)
- photographed by Vanessa -

James Blunt // 12th October // Stuttgart (GER)
- photographed by Vanessa -

Angus & Julia Stone // 13th October // Stuttgart (GER)
- photographed by Vanessa -

Aquilo // 16th October // Los Angeles (US)
- photographed by Melissa -

Lewis Watson // 17th & 18th October // Richmond & Baltimore (US)
- photographed by Carolyn -

Madeline Juno // 20th October // Stuttgart (GER)
- photographed by Vanessa

Bad Suns // 29th October // Washington (US)
- photographed by Gabby -

Hippo Campus // 13th November // Washington (US)
- photographed by Gabby

And that's our photo recap of 2017!

We may or may not have a few more specials coming up, so stay tuned.

Thank you for your visit!

Credits // Words: Vanessa Jertschewske | Images in this post belong to each credited photographer but were taken for


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