Gig Photos: James Blunt at Schleyer-Halle, Stuttgart

Hey guys!

I love how there are multiple kinds of shows.

There are those shows for which you buy tickets months in advance and can't wait for.
(Hello, Paramore!)

There are those shows you decide to attend last minute.

And then there are those shows which are totally going to surprise you.

Myself being at a James Blunt gig, was one of those surprising events - in the best way possible.

So please let me tell you more about this evening.

Before you dive into the post, I'd like to explain why the photos aren't the usual house in the sand quality.
We got to photograph the show from the stairs further away from the stage, not the actual photo pit. I didn't know that prior to the show and was not prepared for that scenario - which means I had the wrong lenses with me.

I hope can enjoy this post nonetheless.


Date: 12th October 2017
Venue: Hanns-Martin Schleyer-Halle, Stuttgart

Support Act: Jamie Lawson

  Jamie Lawson is a singer/songwriter, originally from Plymouth, now based in London, UK.

To tell you his entire story, I'd need to write a couple of pages.
To avoid that, I'll try to give you the "quick JL guide", but please make sure to check out Jamie's full bio.

The musician from the United Kingdom has been writing and releasing music for years, he's been gigging loads and has built himself a loyal fanbase.

Between our first interview in November 2014 and this one, taped in November 2015,
 Jamie got signed to Ed Sheeran's label (Gingerbread Man Records), supported acts such as One Direction on tour, appeared on countless radio and TV shows, released his selftitled record and has won an Ivor Novello award.

On September 29th, Jamie released his latest album, "Happy Accidents" - a colourful record which takes you on a lively journey through sounds.

Check out Jamie's latest single, "Can't See Straight" here:

Jamie Lawson online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Instagram

It was my third time seeing Jamie Lawson live and it was just as marvelous as ever.

Jamie has such great stage presence, making you feel right at home in the audience.
There's something about his set, that makes it feel like you've known everyone in the room, including him, for years and are here for a friendly gathering.
It's only after the set that you realise you are actually in a huge venue filled with strangers.

Even though I was crying on the inside, due to not having the right photo gear with me - I couldn't help but sit back down and enjoy the beauty of Jamie's set.

He worked the crowd so well, made them clap and sing - and smile.
Yes, I loved the amount of happy smiles you could spot throughout the mixed audience.

From the calm "Cold In Ohio", to his latest single "Can't See Straight", Jamie present a great variety of moods to enjoy and was the perfect start to the evening.


Headliner: James Blunt

Now, how should be introducing you to James Blunt?
By copying his Wikipedia page?

Or by trying to sum up everything he's done within 15 years of being in this industry?

Well, we think it's best for you to check out his indepth interview-like bio, over on his website.
It's a brilliant piece that gives you a great idea of what the artist is like.

Check out his moving and relevant video for "Someone Singing Along" here:

James Blunt online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Instagram

So, here's the thing - before seeing James Blunt live, I didn't know much about him.

Of course, I knew "You're Beautiful", "1973" and his Twitter account. 
But that's just common Pop culture knowledge, right?

After the show, I knew about his skills to actually play multiple instruments, his gratitude towards his fans, the deeper meanings of his songs and that he's actual as funny as his tweets.

From the moment he went on stage, right until he left after the third encore - the crowd was with him and focused on his every word.

It was super refreshing to see an artist connect with his audience with such gratitude.
James interacted with the crowd from the first song on - and the crowd happily fulfilled his requests to clap and sing along.

The mixture of upbeat tracks such, powerful statements and piano based ballads all created a perfect combination for pleasant evening.

What impressed me more than anything, was his song "Someone Singing Along" and the backdrop during the song. He showed clips of his relevant music video for the track and it seemed to have an effect on the crowd.
It was beautiful to see an artist use his platform to address issues that involve all of us, especially in times as the one we are in right now.

Apart from the serious songs, James Blunt showcased his wit, his energetic performances and his fantastic light show.

With remarks such as stating how he was "Ed Sheeran's bitch for three months" whilst being on tour with him, or how he replied with "Thank you, Papi" when a random man in the audience shouted "You're beautiful!" at him, he got a lot of laughter from the audience.

I arrived with little knowledge, but definitely left feeling well impressed by James Blunt.


And that's it.

I do hope you've enjoyed the post, even though the photos weren't the quite the quality we're all used to on here.

Let me know if you've seen James Blunt or Jamie Lawson before, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Thank you for your visit!

Credits // Words & Photography: Vanessa Jertschewske | **tickets + photo pass have kindly been provided**


  1. Thank you for your review ! Knowing an following James on the road for nearly 12 years now, I can say that your words are right ! If you never went to one of his gigs, you can't imagine who and how he really is :-) He's such a kind person, full of humour and irony, so close to his audience. I am from Belgium, but I was in Cologne, Francfort, today I will be in Oberhausen, then in Brussels, Trier and Dublin. Keep on following James, you'll never regret !

    1. Hi there! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment - you have no idea how happy that makes me.

      That is so amazing, I bet you're having such a great time. I can honestly say that I was completely surprised (in the best way possible) when I got to see him live and I'm super glad I got the opportunity.
      Maybe I'll see you at a show at some point?

      Have the best time!!! :)
      Thank you,


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