EP Review: "Someone Else's Dream" by Charlie Hole

Hey guys!

Do you ever discover new music and then get slightly annoyed with yourself, simply because you didn't know about a certain artist before?
I kind of feels like you've wasted time, right?

Well, we don't encourage negative feelings towards ourselves, but we couldn't help but feel a little annoyed when we realised we missed out on Charlie Hole's music for years.

But hey- we know better now and are going to make up for the lost time by blasting his new EP on repeat.

Are you with us?

Artist: Charlie Hole
Title: Someone Else's Dream
Genre: Acoustic, Singer/Songwriter
Label: Cocomack Records
Release Date: 6th October 2017

Charlie Hole is a singer/songwriter from Bournemouth, UK.

His carefully crafted music combines Acoustic and Folk elements in such elegant manner.
Charlie started making and writing music at the young age of eleven and has been going strong ever since.

With inspirations such as Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits & Paul Simon, it's no surprise that we find a lot of personality and intimacy in his songs.

His debut album "The Joy of a Caged Bird" was released in 2013.
With loyal fans and praise from none other than Rod Stewart and three time Novello Award winner Andy Hill, it's safe to say we're not the only ones with his music on repeat.

And now Charlie returns with his brand new EP, "Someone Else's Dream" - so let's check it out.

1) Someone Else's Dream
2) Boundaries
3) The City
4) Dog Years

Opener and title track "Someone Else's Dream" is a thought provoking and reflective track.
The verses are kept very calm and simple, with focus on a beautifully soft piano melody and Charlie's warm vocals. A subtle build-up in the pre-chorus soon enough launches into a powerful composition in the chorus; Charlie doesn't shy away from steady percussions, touching strings and supportive basslines - and it all works together so well.

"Boundaries" wins you over with romantic e-guitar notes, accompanied by slightly smokey vocals and ever so subtle backing vocals. Every element in the song found its rightful place with such elegance, that you can't help but pay full attention to each detail.

Charlie's cover version of Maggie Rogers' "Dog Years" keeps the slightly mysterious feeling of the original alive and gives it an even more comforting touch. It's one of those songs that you could put on repeat for five hours straight and not get bored of.

To sum it up: If you haven't heard of Charlie Hole before, this EP is going to make you regret it.
But don't spend your time feeling upset - just enjoy the EP which is filled with sparkling details and dreamy harmonies.
We know this is EP hasn't been released long ago - but man, we can't wait for the next one already.


You should listen to these tracks: Someone Else's Dream, Boundaries

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Credits // Words: Vanesa Jertschewske | Image: Charlie Hole


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