Album Review: "Happy Accidents" by Jamie Lawson

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Artist: Jamie Lawson
Title: Happy Accidents
Genre: Acoustic
Label: Warner Music, Gingerbread Man Records
Release Date: 29th September 2017

Jamie Lawson is a singer/songwriter, originally from Plymouth, now based in London, UK.

To tell you his entire story, I'd need to write a couple of pages. To avoid that, I'll try to give you the "quick JL guide", but please make sure to check out Jamie's full bio.

The musician from the United Kingdom has been writing and releasing music for years, he's been gigging loads and has built himself a loyal fanbase.

Between our first interview in November 2014 and this one, taped in November 2015,
 Jamie got signed to Ed Sheeran's label (Gingerbread Man Records), supported acts such as One Direction on tour, appeared on countless radio and TV shows, released his selftitled record and has won an Ivor Novello award.

And now he's back with his new album, "Happy Accidents".

1) A Little Mercy
2) Can't See Straight
3) Tell Me Again
4) Fall Into Me
5) Don't Say You Don't If You Do
6) Miracle Of Love
7) Falling In Love
8) Time On My Hands
9) Sing To The River
10) He's Reading Helena
11) Letter Never Sent
12) The Last Spark
13) Love Finds A Way

Opener "A Little Mercy" creates an intimate atmosphere with simple verses. Mainly focused on subtle backing vocals, a calm guitar and warm lead vocals. The piano joins and immediately highlights Jamie's vocals in a sparkling light. Soft percussions add more depth, but keep the pace. With hopeful lyrics and choir backing vocals in the last part of the song, "A Little Mercy" gracefully transitions into a powerful song opening track. 

The frist single we got to hear ahead of the release, was "Can't See Straight" - which is straight-up "on repeat for hours" material.
It's loving, it's happy and it is so bright in sound colours. 
You'll quickly start singing along to the song. Go on and sing it for your significant other, your pet or your food. We'll do the same.

"Fall Into Me" definitely stands out. It's a lot darker than the previous tracks, music wise. We hear more electric guitars, we have a steady and strong beat vibrating throughout the track and a bass that underlines the intensity of the song. It showcases the honesty and emotions that Jamie Lawson puts into his music with such elegance.

Jamie wraps up the album with "Love Finds A Way", a stunning ballad. Piano, bass and percussions go hand in hand, creating such harmony and peacefulness. It's that kind of song that is going to calm you down on a stressful day. It'll act like a cozy blanket, keeping the bad mood from coming in.

To sum it up: After his fantastic debut, we had no doubt that Jamie Lawson would convince us of his talents yet again with "Happy Accidents".
It's a beautiful and lively journey through emotions, highlighting not just his musical skills, but also his ability to tell stories with grace.

You should listen to these tracks: Can't See Straigh, Fall Into Me, Time On My Hands

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Jamie Lawson online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Instagram

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Credits // Words: Vanessa Jertschewske | Image: via Warner Music GER


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