Update: cry hard, dance harder

Hey guys!

The last time I felt the need to write a Paramore themed update
it was because things were tough and it all felt very dark and lost.

I was at a point, where I felt like I had been wasting away and I could practically feel my creativity slipping through my fingers.

I still remember that time vividly - and I remember how terrible and scary it all felt.

It was about three months ago and after I had written that update, it felt like I had unclogged the creative sink (or toilet - both seems appropriate) and things started to flow again.

That was when I learned that sometimes admitting your current situation and "owning" your struggles, is the only way to turn the situation around.

It's a heavy thing to say, but not being able to produce as much content and not feeling passionate about it - those emotions really messed me up. I didn't feel like myself.

Within the past three months, house in the sand has gone from "bleh" to "we can and we will do this" - and all just because I kicked my own butt, after I let myself be a mess.

"cry hard, dance harder"

This is where the post got its' inspiration from - a quote that has been strongly connected to Paramore's most recent album, "After Laughter".
The album deals with dark times, hard times, lost times and has become a relatable source of inspiration for me.

So I guess, what I'm saying is - if you feel like crying, cry hard. 
Let it all out, let yourself feel the sadness, get it out of the system. Bottling it up only means that you'll have to carry it with you - and that it only takes a short rain storm for the bottle to overflow all over again.

If you cry hard and empty the bottle of sadness, you'll be able to re-start.
Yeah - the bottle is eventually going to fill itself again - that's life.
But you'll be able to watch it fill up without having to worry about immediate break downs, because there's still plenty of space in the bottle.

And once you've cry hard - dance harder.

When you get to the point of feeling motivated, happy and determined - dance as hard as you can.
Milk it out.
You're on a high, so make the most of it.
If you've been lacking motivation and it has returned - become that working maniac and give it your all.
If you've been feeling sad and somehow happiness came back - celebrate it in any way you can and want to.

You deserve to dance, so dance harder than you ever have.

You see, what I'm trying to say with this post is - yes, house in the sand is on a roll again- and hell it feels good.
We have changed a lot of things "behind the scenes" and have adjusted to the pace of the industry.
August and September were the best months of the year so far, but we are more than sure that October, November and December hold huge things for us.

If you are ready to discover some fine music and get to know that acts behind it, 
we invite you to visit us regularly.

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Disclaimer: if you are dealing with depression or other mental illnesses, please don't feel ashamed.
Reach out - there are many ways to do that and there are many people who will listen and help.

Thank you for your visit - always.

Credits // Words & Photography: Vanessa Jertschewske


  1. I LOVE the sentiment of this post. Especially tonight.

    1. Thanks SO much! It's always great hearing your opinion on these kinds of posts. <3


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