Album Review: "Resurgam" by Fink

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I don't want to spoil today's post for you, but I have to say - Fink are now on my playlist.
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Band: Fink
Title: Resurgam
Genre: Alternative
Label: R'Coup'D
Release Date: 15th September 2017

Fink is an Alternative three-piece based in Berlin, Germany.
Known for working R'n'B, Soul, Jazz, Dub, Folk, Post-Rock and more genres into their own sound, the band's strength lies in the details.

With a huge repertoire and an even bigger fan base, it's no surprise that the trio just keeps going and treating us with more and more releases.

Fink are:
Fin Greenall (vocals, guitar)
Tim Thornton (drums, guitar)
Guy Whittaker (bass)

"Resurgam" is Fink's sixth studio album, so let's check it out!

1) Resurgam
2) Day 22
3) Cracks Appear
4) Word To The Wise
5) Not Everything Was Better In The Past
6) The Determined Cut
7) Godhead
8) This Isn't A Mistake
9) Covering Your Tracks
10) There's Just Something About You

Opener and title track "Resurgam" is a hopeful track.
It's simple, yet deep. The thriving bassline is a huge highlight and frames the song with such elegance and determination.
Soft and mysterious synths, paired with spine chilling high hats make an impressive appearance and give the song more dynamic.
The hypnotizing vocals guide you through the track and offer so much hope, putting the focus on the words "I will rise up, I will rise again".

"Word To The Wise" is a hauntingly beautiful ballad which soaks you in and accompanies you in the calmer hours.
With vocals and piano being the main elements, it's the simplicity, that once again underlines the creative message "Resurgam" seems to have written all over it.

Final track "There's Just Something About You" has this sparkly guitar base, that just wraps you around its' finger and makes sure you stay throughout the track. It's refreshingly upbeat and ends the album on such optimistic tones.

To sum it up: The diversity of genres sprinkled into the mixture of this album, is nothing but impressive and addictive. The deeper you dive, the more layers you find - leaving you with so much respect for the creativity behind this album. 
"Resurgam" teaches us the importance of the bass.

You should listen to these tracks: Resurgam, Word To The Wise, This Isn't A Mistake

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Credits // Words: Vanessa Jertschewske | Image: via  MC PR


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