Album Review: "Haggarty" by Covey

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Band: Covey
Title: Haggarty
Genre: Indie, Folk-Rock
Label: Independent
Release Date: 22nd September 2017

Covey is a Folk-Rock quartet from Boston, USA.

The project was brought to life by frontman Tom Freeman, whose influences range from Nick Drake to Fleet Foxes and Neutral Milk Hotel.
Print and online publications, as well as radio stations are huge fans of Covey's sound.

Covey are:
Tom Freeman
Dillon Rovere
Guillermo Goldschmied
Adam Marks

Covey have opened for acts such as Vagabon, High As A Kite, Hozier and more.
Without any major label support, the band has attracted over 110,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.

And now the band is here with their debut album, "Haggarty". 

So let's check it out!

1) ////
2) Call Home
3) Same White Shoes
4) Old Man
5) Stockholm Syndrome
6) 1955
7) Funeral Home
8) Eyesore
9) You Don't Need Me
10) In Or Out

Haggarty begins with the lovely "////".
Possibly the most upbeat track on the album, throwing you right into the special songwriting that Tom possesses and echoes throughout the album.

"Call Home" follows with one of the songs that caught our ears when we heard it live a few months back at a Sofar Sounds show.
"I'll call you more, but I'm much too drunk. A touch too often."
Probably words we can all utter at some point in our lives. A perfect example of the flow of the rest of the songs on the album. There's something simplistic about it, capturing an honest feeling, and setting it all to something slow and steady, with the perfect build-up to end it all.

The rest of the album moves into a slightly slower pace, but in the best of ways.
Such with "1955", where we're taken into something a little more personal and raw, coming out thinking a little more about your life.

To sum it up: Stepping back into the backlog of Covey over the past three years or so, you might find a lot of pleasant surprises in the newest release, Haggarty.
Now back and armed with a new band, frontman Tom Lloyd-Freeman is off to set a new path for Covey with their first full album release.

It may have only been a year since we last heard from Covey with a two song release of "Bows" and "Daisy". Both songs in the vein of your classic Covey tracks, the dark and relatable lyrics set to an atmospheric and soothing folky sound.
Now taking a turn to present day, we find Covey with the same relatable lyrics, but taking on a slightly new, lighthearted and lovable sound, dare we say danceable at times?
Tom has a gift for being able to make sad content catchy.

You should listen to these tracks: Same White Shoes, Call Home, 1955, ////

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Covey online: Bandcamp | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | Instagram

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Credits // Words Intro: Vanessa Jertschewske | Words Review: Carolyn Lederach | Image: via Covey


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