Song Of The Day: "Blame" by YØUTH

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September is here and we're getting ready for the busiest season in the music scene.

Festival season is coming to an end and tour season is about to start.
That means there will be more gigs, more releases and - you guessed it - more posts.

We're extremely excited about Autumn 2017 and can't wait fill house in the sand with more of our favourite finds.

So let's get the season started, shall we?

- Song Of The Day -
"Blame" by YØUTH

YØUTH is an Alternative project.
Behind the moniker is Julian Dente, a Nashville based musician.

Julian spent a lot of time growing up on a tour bus, watching his parents and their friends perform night after night.
This early introduction to music, has led to Julian picking up instruments at the young age of seven.

With a natural longing to create music, it's no surprise that Julian plays the piano, guitar, drums and bass.
He played in multiple pop-punk bands throughout high school and is part of a handful of Nashville bands nowadays.
However, Julian decided to keep YØUTH to himself and has created his very own outlet.

In his music, you'll find elements of nostalgia, self-doubt, addiction and guilt - but you'll always be accompanied by a spark of hope. 
The upcoming album, "Blame", will be out on October 20th.

To shorten the wait, title track "Blame" is out now, so let's chat about it.

"Blame" is atmospheric, it's dreamy, yet it's very real.
The build-up in the song is one of those elements, you didn't know you could adore this much.

It all starts of calm and slow paced, but you can already tell that the song is up for something bigger and louder.
The beginning keeps it simple with guitar and drums being the supporting instruments. Julian's voice guides you through the first verse and chorus, before a loud guitar riff and an even louder drumbeat kicks in and lets you know it's here to stay.

The song takes you on turbulent journey but steadily holds your hand, providing you the spark of hope, which YØUTH stands for.

Listen to "Blame" below:

YØUTH online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | YouTube

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Credits // Words: Vanessa Jertschewske | Image: via Bullhorn Publicity


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