Interview: Novatines

Hey guys!

There is one question I get asked all the time.
Literally, all the time.

And it is - "What's your favourite kind of music?"
There have been times in which I've said "Folk" or "Rock" - or both, because I couldn't ever decide.

But I have a new answer. A true answer.
My favourite kind of music is "honest, energetic and passionate".

And that's exactly the kind of music we feature on HITS.
So let's not waste any precious time - ladies and gents; please meet Novatines.

Novatines are a five piece from Bath, UK.

They are brand new, they are loud and they are ready to take over.
None of the statements above are exaggerated - and you will figure that out yourself as you get to know the band.

We're excited to be one of the first sources to introduce you to this exciting Rock band.

Novatines are:
Jamie Beale
Tom Cory
Callum Moloney
Ben Lythe
Tom Turner

Having just launched their debut single, we've had a chat with the guys and learned more about their writing process, their live shows and more.

Check it out below!

HITS: You guys have just released your first single, "Medicine". What was the overall reaction like?
Novatines: The reaction has been great - we've been called one of the UK's hottest new guitar bands and it's only been a couple days...

HITS: You get to pick three words to describe the band - which words do you pick?
Novatines: Huge fucking vibe.

HITS: How much time do you usually spend working on a song before you release it?
Novatines: Depends on the song - we come from an old school band ethic... it should come naturally. If you have to work really hard and practically ply it out with a crow bar - chances are, it won't be a good song.
Some ideas take time to really manifest themselves, but we've always let them come naturally... and we never work on anything that we aren't incredibly excited by.

HITS: What can fans expect from your live shows?
Novatines: We record live to give people an honest window into what we really sound like. There are no smoke and mirrors - it's loud, energetic and never a boring show.
It's always really disappointing when you hear a band on record and it's sparkly and incredible... then you see it live and it's practically an entirely different thing all together - we want to sound like us, all the time.

HITS: We're really digging the visual vibe you've presented online. So, how involved are you when it comes to the artwork and photography?
Novatines: We are incredibly involved in all that stuff, most of it is designed in house - it's important to have a firm hand on the wheel with it all, because we know what we are, better than anyone else does. We work with a few photographers and directors, but we are always heavily involved with the concept and direction. We are a group with something to say, good or bad.

HITS: What's next for you guys?
Novatines: Lots of shows, lots of writing and lots of noise.

Now that you've learned more about the band, let's take a look at their debut single, "Medicine".

There are some songs that grab your attention and don't let go of it.
"Medicine" is one of them.
The loud and soaring guitar riffs are demanding and know exactly what they want - your full attention - and they get it.

Heavy drums don't just support the strength of the song, they are the strength. The perfectly timed beats give the song so much power and allow the moody and tight bassline to unfold into the key element of the track.

The gripping lead vocals underline what the band's sound is all about - confidence, power and passion. Paired with yet another attention grabbing element, the chants, "Medicine" presents itself in the most exciting manner.

Listen to "Medicine" below:

Novatines online: Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | Instagram

Thank you for your visit!

Credits // Words & Questions: Vanessa Jertschewske | Image & Answers: Novatines


  1. They are definitely one to watch out for. Confident. Passionate and loud


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