Video Of The Day: "Burning Flame" by The Franklin Electric

Hey guys!

I just remembered how when I started writing this music blog,
all I had in mind, was sharing the music I already loved.

I wanted to find an audience that was excited to find new music.

And somehow I ended up finding new music myself, every single day - it's pretty magical.
Most of the artists and bands I listen to, are those I have been sent via email.

So whilst I keep on finding new music, I'm just going to keep on sharing it with you.
And I thoroughly hope you enjoy!

- Video Of The Day -
"Burning Flame" by The Franklin Electric

The Franklin Electric are a four-piece from Montreal, Canada.
The band's sound mixes Alternative with Folk and sprinkles of Pop.

It all started when The Franklin Electric won a Nashville songwriting competition against 8000 other bands from all around the world.
Soon enough they were opening for Ben Howard, Mumford and Sons, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes, and many more.
The four musicians have played over 180 shows in 2015 - from Canada to Australia, including three European tours.

With the signature element being the trumpet, live show audiences are always in for a surprise - and a treat.

The Franklin Electric are:
Jon Matte
Martin Desrosby
Ken Pressé
Adam Passalacqua

Their debut "This Is How I Let You Down" won over critics and fans from all over the world and has allowed the band to build a loyal fanbase.
"Blue Ceilings", the band's second album, dropped earlier this year and took things to another level.

Last month they released a music video for "Burning Flame" and it's fantastic!

The combination of soulful, bluesy vocals, stunning harmonies, folk percussions, supportive basslines, highlighting guitar chords and a hypnotizing melody - it just works. 

There is not one disapointing element in the song - in fact, it's so beautiful, you might question if it's actually real.

Here's what Jon says about the song and video:
"This was a spontaneous last minute addition to the record about the fire that feeds us and brings us to do all the things we do, or ignore the things we don't do but wish we had. A voice inside most of us that can easily be ignored but the burn is a constant reminder.
This video was all about the casting. I walked in the day of the shoot and met George, who plays the main role in this music video.
He is the most endearing, honest, pure, yet driven 17 year old kid I have ever met. From that moment  I was sold on the director's story& concept.
I invite you to meet George for yourself."

Watch the video for "Burning Flame" below:

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The Franklin Electric online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | YouTube | Instagram

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Credits // Words: Vanessa Jertschewske | Image: Charline Martel


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