Song Of The Day: "Waking Up Slow" by Gabrielle Aplin

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Some artists take their listeners along on their musical journey and allow everyone to see their developments and changes throughout the years.

To me, those artists are the most exciting ones.
We all grow, our tastes all change - and to see how those happenings affect an artist creatively, is just super interested.

One lady which had us convinced since day 1 - is Gabrielle Aplin.
If you've been following her for a little while, you will have noticed the ever-evolving creative process - and how she's remained original and refreshing the entire time.

She's now here with a new track and we're super excited for you to hear it.

- Song Of The Day -
"Waking Up Slow" by Gabrielle Aplin

Gabrielle Aplin is a singer/songwriter based in Brighton, UK originally hailing in from Bath, UK.

Her music is heavily inspired by the Laurel Canyon music area and combines the beauty of folk with the vibes of  pop and hints of rock every now and again.
After uploading covers and originals on YouTube, the British musician founded her own label Never Fade Records to release her first few EPs.

Later she signed with Parlophone Records and released her debut album "English Rain" in 2013, which is now certified Gold in the UK.
Her second album "Light Up The Dark" presented a more mature and confident sound, whilst still sounding very much like Gabrielle. 

Whilst touring the world, the musician is also hosting the Never Fade Sessions in London, where Gabrielle gives independent artists the chance to perform in an intimate and friendly setting.
house in the sand favourites such as Robbie Cavanagh and Martin Luke Brown have played the Never Fade Sessions before.

Last year, Gabrielle released a four-track EP called "Miss You" and surprised her fans with a Pop sound, but still remained what she's cherished for and kept her stunning singer/songwriter roots alive.

And now she's back with an upcoming EP, "Avalon".
Today marks the release of its first single, "Waking Up Slow".

(In addition to the EP, Gabrielle is heading on tour through the USA and UK soon,
find dates and tickets here.)

"Waking Up Slow" takes you on an exciting ride through atmospheres.
The beginning of the track unfolds a very mystic, mysterious feeling, which stays throughout the song, but is slightly over-shadowed by the danceable and uptempo beat.

There's something magical, fairy-like about Gabrielle's sound which just stands out and lets you know it's her. Paired with her stunning vocals and writing skills, we have no doubts in the success of this track.

A lot of her previous songs are soundtracks for those heartbroken phases, we all go through at some point.
"Waking Up Slow" however, is an anthem of hope and happiness. It's uplifting and positive, and it invites you to blast it whilst enjoying the rest of your Summer.

Listen to "Waking Up Slow" below:

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Gabrielle Aplin online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | YouTube | Instagram

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Credits // Words: Vanessa Jertschewske | Image: via Gabrielle Aplin


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