Behind The Song: "We Are You" by Mobilities

Hey guys!

Do you ever have those flashbacks to when you were in school or studying?

I get them sometimes and I'm not sure whether that's normal or if I've reached old age.
But then again, who knows?

And as I was typing up this post, I remembered how a teacher once told me that the handiest trait you could have, is being curious.
And I think that's true.

It helps you learn more in life if you're just open and curious.

Oh, and not only will you learn more about life if you ask questions - you'll also learn a lot about brilliant music.
So, that's what we're here to do.

Today we get to peek behind the scenes of a brilliant track.

- Behind The Song - 
"We Are You" by Mobilities

Mobilities are a four piece from Portland (OR), US.

Their sound combines multiple genres such as Alternative Rock, Punk, Funk and Hip-Hop, eventually creating their signature Experimental Rock sound.

Mobilities are:
Eric McCauley (lead vocals, guitar)
Brett Sparrey (bass, vocals)
Adam Durkee (keys, guitar)
Logan Gardner (drums)

The band started out in March 2016 and completed their first tour of Northern California just a little over a year later.

Their self-titled debut EP, which includes three tracks, was recorded by themselves and mastered by Kevin Drake, keeping the DIY spirit alive.

On February 21st of this year, the band released their debut album "Time Hasn't Swallowed Us Yet" which was recorded by Adam Pike at Toadhouse Studios.
All of the ten tracks were recorded live and in one day, only additional overdubs and vocals were recorded over the Summer of 2017.

Mobilities latest music video quickly caught our attention and we're excited to learn more about it today.

Check out what the band told us about the video shoot and the creation of the song:

"The imagery within the video along with the lyrics of this song are meant to show the contrast between the simplicity and beauty found in nature and the complexities we build around our societies.
We believe that human progression and innovation is a positive thing, but it is also worth examining how we got to where we are and what might be missing as we push ourselves further from the natural world.

We chose to  film in the dunes for their other-wordly aesthetic.
It is a place reminiscent of a barren desert but it is surrounded by ocean and forests which lends itself to the contrast within the video.

When we set out to create a visual representation of this song, we wanted to capture a journey.
A journey through desolate deserts, lush forests and busy cities. A journey that leaves you a different person with a new perspective when you emerge on the other side.

That October day in the Oregon dunes was colder than anticipated.
While the videographer and assistants trudged around in boots and jackets, Kelsey insisted on going barefoot.
We love her for her determination and attention to artistry - and we showed our gratitude by being ready behind the scenes with a reflective emergency blanket and hot beverages at every pause.

"We Are You" was originally an instrumental track off of our first demo tape, but as we dialed in our sound and began the process of writing lyrics, it became apparent that this was too tasty of a groove to leave unfinished.

It could be said that this recording is atypical to Mobilities overall upbeat and energetic sound.
But while the song has a melancholy atmosphere, it is meant to portray a message of hope for the future and inspire reflection on what we find beautiful and important in our lives."

Check out the video for "We Are You" right here:

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Credits // Words (Intro & Outro): Vanessa Jetwash | Image & Words (About Song): Mobilities

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