Song Of The Day: "She Said" by HalfNoise

Hey guys!

It's Spring - which means a lot of things.

Firstly, it means that the flowers start blooming, the trees put on their leaf coats again, the birds chirp happy little songs and the sun is out more often.
(In case you live in the UK, the rain is going to get warmer.)

And secondly, it means that it's release season for all the absolute tunes.

Don't get me wrong, brilliant songs are released all year long!

But, there is something about the lightness of some Spring releases, that just makes you want to dance non-stop - and we're here to celebrate that today.

- Song Of The Day -
"She Said" by HalfNoise

HalfNoise is Zac Farro's musical project.

Zac Farro can also be found drumming in Paramore, but with HalfNoise we get to see him be a frontman.

HalfNoise was born after Zac left Paramore in 2010 and has been going since, although he re-joined the band in 2016/2017.
He initially started the band with Jason Clark who was part of the project until 2013.

Now HalfNoise is a collective of touring musicians who always play with Paramore, allowing the bands' sounds to work hand in hand while still being individual enough.

EP: "HalfNoise" (2012)
LP: "Volcano Crowe" (2014)
LP: "Sudden Feeling" (2016)
EP: "The Velvet Face" (2017)

The next EP, "Flowerss", will be released on May 4th 2018.

"She Said" is the third single off of the "Flowerss" EP, so let's check it out!

"She Said" welcomes you with a warm and upbeat embrace, ready to take you into its colourful atmosphere - and - spoiler! - you'll enjoy your stay.

The catchy guitar riffs easily blow away any rain clouds and allow you to boogie and forget your worries - which, funnily enough, is what the song is about.
Zac says about the song that it "is a reminder that if we live in our own heads and we overthink life and love, we will end up missing what's already right in front of us."

The lightness of the instrumentation and the repetative lyrics work together and create a comforting feeling and allow you to rest your brain and just let the grooviness of the track take over.

Zac's vocals and the light backing vocals seem to duet with the riffs and allow the track to breathe and flow easily. It's the warmth of his voice that gives the track the calmness our brains crave so desperately.

"She Said" is one of the finest Spring tracks we've heard so far and makes us want to move our hips along to the beat.

Listen to "She Said" right here:

- stream "She Said" -

HalfNoise online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Instagram

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Credits // Words: Vanessa Jetwash | Image: via HalfNoise

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