Album Review: "isaac gracie" by Isaac Gracie

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There are certain albums that you just know are going to be great.

It might be because you've heard demos or a few singles from the act, or you might have even seen them live.

In the case of Isaac Gracie, we've heard his previous singles and have had the pleasure of seeing him support Angus and Julia Stone.
And when the press release for his debut album rolled in, we knew this was going to be a joy to review.

So let's get into it!

Artist: Isaac Gracie
Title: Isaac Gracie
Genre: Alternative
Label: Virgin EMI Records, Buried Crowns Ltd, Universal Music
Release Date: 13th April 2018

Isaac Gracie is a singer/songwriter from London, UK.

When you do your research about this artist, you'll find a lot of praise - written by journalists, radio promoters and media people in general - all talking about how mesmerizing, yet simple his presence is.

And then you listen to his music and end up being completely stunned by the intensity and depth it offers. 

While he's been treated as the music industry's "insider tip" for a while, his debut album is going to change that - at top speed.

So, get on board and let's dive into his self-titled debut.

1) terrified
2) last words
3) the death of you & i
4) running on empty
5) telescope
6) that was then
7) when you go
8) silhouettes of you
9) all in my mind
10) hollow crown
11) reverie

Opener "terrified" is one of the most delicate tracks you may find out there. You can literally hear the honesty and vulnerability in Isaac's voice.
The way the song is structured tugs on those heartstrings ever so gently, but with such urgency.
It's songs like "terrified" that allow you to find the beauty in the singer/songwriter genre.

A track that's hauntingly beautiful and relatable to some extent would be "last words".
The melody is absolutely stunning and is bound to stay in your head, but in a good way. It's not that catchy track that you want to stop hearing - no, it's actually the opposite.
Isaac Gracie has this incredible talent of writing melodies that just leave you speechless. Paired with the softly arranged percussions, this track invites you to use the replay button.

Tracks such as "the death of you and i" and "running on empty" showcase Isaac's up-tempo side and they do it so well.
You'll quickly find yourself on your feet, hysterically shaking your hips - and hey, don't deny it. It's cool. We all need to let loose.

Personally, I can't help but declare "all in my mind" and "reverie" as my two favourite tracks.
I've had both on my phone for a while and have found myself listening to them whenever I need to calm down or just want to focus on beautiful music. Especially "all in my mind" lets me lose my thoughts in the music, which is such a special feeling.

To sum it up: There a few things you'll find plenty of on this record - addictive melodies, beautiful vocals, clever guitar arrangements and relatable stories. 

It's like this album was made for the dreamers and thinkers; those who like diving into songs to look for details and meanings.

Isaac Gracie proves that even debut albums can sound cohesive, yet offer a decent variety of sounds to give the listeners a great introduction to his material.

You should listen to these tracks: terrified, last words, running on empty, all in my mind, hollow crown

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Credits // Words: Vanessa Jetwash | Image: via Isaac Gracie


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