Behind The Song: "Heaven Knows" by Harry Strange

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- Behind The Song -
"Heaven Knows" by Harry Strange

Harry Strange is a singer/songwriter from London, UK.

Harry's music captures a special element of unique and intricate songwriting, intertwined with emotionally fitting production work and vocals.

In May of 2017 Harry released his first single, "Back Around", which made it's rounds across the inter webs and gained an impressive amount of streams on Spotify.

After a year of silence, we just got a new gem with "Heaven Knows" - a song which shows that taking the time to really hone in on a creative direction for future music has paid off.

At only 20 years old and currently spending his days at University of Bristol, there's plenty more in store to stay tuned for.

Check out what Harry told us about the creative process behind "Heaven Knows":

"I released my first single "Back Around" nearly a year ago now, so for me, I really wanted to release a song that I felt something strong towards but also something that showed some kind of musical development.
I think as soon as I heard the first mix of the track, I knew it was the perfect single to follow "Back Around".

The way the song came about was really an amalgamation of three or four songs that I had written over the space of a few months. I was lucky to work with a great producer and writer called Jack Gourlay and we sat down in January and went through my notebook and sort of picked out the parts that really stood out to us.

We then spent the first day gluing these pieces together and working on the first verse. We knew it had to be a solid opening to the track, so we spent around half an hour on each line, so I've got plenty of alternative versions somewhere!

In terms of production, both Jack and I decided to leave that to the last day in the studio.
We really felt that the song had to be perfect and could stand alone with little to no production, so the majority of the time we were writing with just keys.

This said, it was when we added the chorus backing vocals that we got a very good idea of where the song was going to go in terms of production.
We loved the idea of it being 'stripped' in a sense, how it starts and ends with just vocal and keys and then thre rest are just little bits of ear candy that keep you engaged as the song continues.

I feel that there are definitely similarities between "Heaven Knows" and my previous release in terms of the songwriting. I really connect with narrative lyrics and I feel they both have that in comming.
But this said, I definitely think that there are some new things to be heard in this track."

Watch the lyric video for "Heaven Knows" below:

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Credits // Words (Intro): Vanessa Jetwash | Words (about artist:): Carolyn Lederach | Image & Words (about song): Harry Strange


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