Interview: Matthew Mole

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I remember the first time I sat down to do research for an interview.
That was in 2012 and I honestly had no clue what I was doing, so my Google search history looked a lot like this:
- how do you interview musicians?
- how to do research for interviews
- what did I get myself into?

Hundreds of interviews, intense journalism studies and six years later, I don't need Google's help anymore, but actually fell in love with the process of researching and forming interview questions.

It's interesting having to structure conversations before they even happen and it's so wonderful getting to learn more about the artists behind the music we enjoy.

Today we get to share a conversation we had with the brilliant Matthew Mole,
so please let us introduce you to this fantastic artist.

Matthew Mole is a multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter from Cape Town, South Africa.

His sound combines Folk, Electronic and Pop in such seemingly effortlessly manner, delivering live sets which convince on all fronts.

In 2011 Matthew released his debut EP "You did well, kid" independently and offered multiple songs for free.
A year later he won Converse's "Get Out Of The Garage" competition along with a gig in London's 100 Club and a recording session at the Converse studio in New York.
He then signed to Just Music and released his second EP, "Same Parts, Same Heart" in December of 2012.

In 2014 Matthew released his album "The Home We Built" as a double CD featuring 32 tracks.

2017 saw the release of his latest LP, "Run", which features some of Matthew's finest work to date.

If you are based in Europe, you'll be able to check out Matthew's energetic live shows yourself - here are the dates:

30th May - Kulturladen, Konstanz (GER)
1st June - Bregenz Life Festival, Bregenz (AT)
2nd June - Degginger, Regensburg (GER)
3rd June - Konzerthaus Schüür, Lucerne (CH)
7th June - Molotow, Hamburg (GER)
8th June - Surfana Festival, Bloemendaal (NL)
10th June - Tunes in The Dunes, Cornwall (UK)
13th June - Merlyn, Nijmegen (NL)
14th June - Paradiso, Amsterdam (NL)
19th June - Blueshell, Cologne (GER)
20th June - Club Stereo, Nuremberg (GER)
21st June - Fluc, Leopoldstadt (AT)

- click here to get tickets -

Below you'll find our conversation with Matthew and you'll get to learn more about him and his art.

house in the sand: Hi Matthew, thanks so much for taking the time to have this chat!
How are you today?

Matthew Mole: Thank YOU for having me! I'm doing great, thanks! Can't wait to be back in your amazing part of the world.

HITS: So, you'll be on tour again very soon, coming back to Europe.
How do you prepare for a tour? Do you have a routine when it comes to rehearsals?

Matthew: I have been playing extensively around South Africa with quite a lot of festival shows happening here.
We have been working towards the strongest live set possible, to put on a fun show for audiences here at home. All of this, at the same time leaving room to make a few adjustments for the audiences in Europe.
That way we are constantly working with basically the same live set here trying to make it as tight as possible for Europe!

HITS: What's your favourite thing about performing live?

Matthew: It's always about the interaction with the audiences. I mean, if they weren't there, then the show would be a little awkward!
So my favorite part is trying to give them as much energy as possible and seeing how that gets reciprocated.

HITS: We've seen some footage of you performing and you actually take your drums into the crowds, which looks so cool! So how did you come up with the idea to do that? And what are the reactions like?

Matthew: I've always loved the idea of doing different things away from the stage at times.
It just moves the whole focus of the show for those few seconds or minutes. I've seen a few bands go into the audiences with instruments and I really wanted to try it out!
It's been so much fun to do, so I've just kept try to do it! 

HITS: Not too long ago you've supported Bastille live - first of all, what was that experience like?
And secondly, if you had to pick any band or aritst to support you on tour, whom would pick?

Matthew: That really was an amazing experience. They are a band that I love, which is a massive bonus. I learnt a lot from them, from how they are with people to how they set everything up on stage.

When it comes to bands opening for me, that's really difficult because I'm still trying to work towards that kind of things, haha! But I love it when there's an opportunity for youger/up-and-coming bands and artists to open up shows!

HITS: How did you meet your band?

Matthew: It's really just myself and a drummer.
There are three of them, depending on whose schedule works best for the tours. Josh Klynsmith is coming with on this tour.
We met years ago in South Africa when I used to play solo shows. He plays for a band called Gangs Of Ballet and we play lots of shows together here in SA. Same with the other two drummers, they both play for other bands.

HITS: Do you have your "must-haves" when it comes to live gear? Are you specific with the brands you use?

Matthew: I do have a few favorite brands, but only because that's all I have used for most of musical experience. I've gone through a few different acoustic guitars and I think I am still figuring out which is my favourite. I love Shure gear, their electronics have played a huge role in my live set.

HITS: Do you ever get writer's block? If so, how do you handle it?

Matthew: I do! But I think it's just overthinking. So when I feel stuck, then I either move on to a different idea/song or I just take a quick break from what I am working on.

HITS: What are your thoughts on Social Media? Do you ever find yourself needing a break from it?

Matthew: Social media is great. It's an amazing tool to spread your music, but most of all it's the best way to engage with followers from all over the world in real time.
I often get a bit overwhelmed and tired from Social Media, but I try and keep consistency and then it becomes a little more natural.

HITS: We've built a house in the sand - if you were to build a house anywhere in the world, where would you build it and why?

Matthew: I've always told my parents, since I was like four years old, that one day I will get them a house. So I would love to build them a house here in South Africa. They would choose to live in Cape Town, so I'd find the best part of Cape Town and build one for them there!

Matthew Mole online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Instagram

Big thank you to Matthew for taking the time to have a chat with us.
And a huge thank you to Barbara for arranging this conversation.

Thank you for your visit!

 Credits // Words (Intro & Questions): Vanessa Jetwash | Answers: Matthew Mole | Image: Tyler Walker via Matthew Mole


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