7 songs: GOUX

Hey guys!

I've recently been asked why this feature is called "7 songs".

Well, if you were expecting a super deep answer for it - I'm sorry to disappoint you.
The reason is that I like the number 7 and it turned out to work so well because I found seven emotions I wanted to cover.

So, things don't always need to have a deeper meaning in order to make sense, right?
Anyways, let's dive into today's post.

Today our guest DJ is GOUX, so let's get to know her!

GOUX is the project of a singer/songwriter and producer based in Manchester, UK.
She's spent the past year locked in her bedroom to work on her music, experimenting with different synthesizers and drum machines.

Inspired by artists like Lapsley and HONNE, combined with her love for the sounds of the 80s, GOUX has created her very own Electro-Pop sound.

So far she released three singles, before then dropping her debut EP, a selftitled four-track, just last week on April 27th. 

Listen to her latest single "Red Light" here:

GOUX online: Website | Facebook | Soundcloud | Instagram

Let's check out GOUX's selection!


1) a song which makes you dance
"Higher" by Groove Junkies x Scott K ft. Indeya

So pleased that Spotify discovery churned out this belter of a tune a few months back.
Groove Junkies have a knack at making people want to move their feet and keep the party going, this would definitely be my essential party tune.


2) a song that calms you down
"Only You" by Satin Jackets

I would say this tune gets played at least once every bus journey I take, it just never gets old.
The thing about this track is that it fits in any scenario, whether it be sat on the bus, at home in bed with a cuppa or even on a night out, it's just so chilled and feel good with a bouncy beat that keeps things pushing along nicely.


3) a song with a deep meaning
"Always" by Shook

I wouldn't say this tune has a specific memory or meaning attached to it for me, however I do remember when I first heard it, feeling choked over the arrangement and melodies, the piano can convey so much emotion and the vocals aren't overdone. Sometimes less is more!


4) a song that makes you feel nostalgic
"Makes Me Wonder" by Maroon 5

This tune.
Oh wow, this song sends me straight back to 2007, I absolutely LOVED this band all round to be honest and still listen to the first three albums on odd occasions, it's kind of a shame the way that they have progressed since but hey, at least we still have the memoires!


5) a song which has accompanied you for a while
"DX7" by Dabeull ft. Holybrune

Again I would say that this tune gets played at least once every time I'm on the go.
This song was the turning point for me in electronic music, it inspired me to swap out my guitar for hardware synthesizers and also to approach songwriting in a completely different way.
Dabeull has a natural gift when it comes to melody and synthesis, I haven't heard one bad tune from him yet.


6) a song from your favourite genre
"Ya Just Need 2 Believe in Yaself" by Folamour

This is a recent find if I'm honest, but by god did it leave an impression.
I absolutely love chilled, feel good, melodic house tracks and this tune ticks every box.
Trying to pin down specific 'stand out' elements of this song is difficult as it is an absolute all round banger.


7) a song by an artist / a band which has surprised you
"Hard Times" by Paramore

I wasn't following Paramore at the time when this single came out, but I stumbled upon it shortly after its release and was pleasantly surprised to hear how a band I once loved as a kid had progressed and grown with its audience. I was immediately on board with their new sound!


And that was GOUX playlist - what do you think?

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Credits // Words (Intro & Outro): Vanessa Jetwash | Image & Words (7 songs): GOUX


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