Video Interview: Alx Green

Hey guys!

Every now and then musicians are in my area and stop by to create some content.
It's actually quite fun to walk around my home town to find cool spots for photo/video sessions.

Growing up, nothing exciting ever happened in this area (in my opinion anyways) and so to finally bring some of the excitement into town feels pretty cool.

But of course I don't keep cool stuff to myself - instead I come here and share everything that I find brilliant with you guys.

And without getting to emotional, just know that it really makes me happy to have this platform where I can talk about music whenever I like. It's pretty darn cool.

But now, let me introduce you to Alx Green.

Alx Green is a singer/songwriter from Chester, UK.
His sound combines modern Folk with classic Blues elements.
He released multiple demo EPs before recording and releasing his first studio EP in 2016, and then releasing follow-up EP "For Today" in March 2018.

Touring Europe constantly releasing music got him the attention and support of BBC Radio 2, BBC Introducing, BBC Radio Merseyside and many more.

After dropping everything to fully focus on his music, Alx started to make himself a name, touring over 22 cities on one tour and shaping his craft.

During his latest Europe tour, Alx stopped by in the area for a brilliant performance.

We ran around in the boiling heat to find a great location to film - and once we did, we sat down to chat about his latest EP, tour, Social Media, a lot of sand and a lot more.

Watch our interview here:

Thank you to Alx for being such fun to work with - what a delight it was even though it was so warm out there.

Check out Alx performing his song "Hollow" here:

Alx Green online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | YouTube | Instagram

Thank you for your visit! 

Credits // Words & Video: Vanessa Jetwash


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