Song Of The Day: "You're The Light" by Jane's Party

Hey guys!

We don't know how they do it, but some bands just get us up on our feet and make us want to dance all day.
Of course, let's not complain about it - but seriously, how do they do that?

Well, anyways - Jane's Party from Canada are 100% that kind of band that just makes us shake those hips.
The first time we heard them perform live was when they played us a song in their dressing room - and the only thing that stopped us from moving was the limited space.
(And maybe the fact that we were actually filming.)

And just last week they've dropped a new song AND BOY we can't stop jamming to it.
Naturally, we wanted to share it with you.

So ladies and gentlemen, please put on your dancing shoes and join our dance marathon.

- Song Of The Day -
"You're The Light" by Jane's Party

Jane's Party are a four piece from Toronto, Canada.
Their sound blends together multiple genres, leaving us with an addictive Alt-Pop/Rock sound.

Jane's Party are:
Devon Richardson
Tom Ionescu
Jeff Giles
Zach Sutton

The guys have been playing together since 2006. This experience shines through in their live sets, treating the audiences with entertaining and brilliant shows.

With their energetic and fun driven songs, Jane's Party have shared the stage with Blue Rodeo, Sam Roberts Band, Arkells, Wintersleep, Matt Mays, The Maccabees, Tom Odell, LIGHTS, Manic Street Preachers and others.

So far they have released:
LP: The Garage Sessions (2009)
EP: Jane's Party (2011)
LP: Hot Noise (2013)
LP: Tunnel Visions (2016)

And now they're here with their new track "You're The Light".

They probably couldn't have released this song at a better time - we're all looking for upbeat and fun songs and Jane's Party are here to provide us with this banger.

"You're The Light" is straight forward and some serious groove business.
We're getting slight 80s vibes from the backing vocals, layered with some subtle synths and a whole lot of

The catchy guitar riffs seem to duett with the guiding bassline and the steady drums - leaving us with the perfect mixture. In fact, it really seems like Jane's Party know how to cook up a brilliant and fun recipe.

The song builds up towards the end and literally explodes in the last chorus, highlighting (omg a pun) each individual and their element of choice- showing us that Jane's Party is one strong band we need to watch. 

What you'll notice about the video, is the contrast of the lights and colours, here's what the band says about that:
"From the get go, the video for this track was meant to encapsulate us as performers, featuring our personality and stage presence, while putting us in the spotlight. It showcases a variety of light-based environmnets, each exploring the dynamic between light-medium and us.

Each "world" (as we called them) possessed innate contrasting qualities that varied deeply in the way they allowed us to operate within them.

The "red silhouette" world reduces the space to just two dimensions, while the "forest of lights" creates a complex, three dimensional environment. The "infinity mirror" world expands a small space to infinity, while the "LED panel" world utilizes a large space, sectioned off by a finite square boundary."

Now, dive into Jane's Party's world of lights 
and enjoy "You're The Light" here:

- buy or stream "You're The Light" -

Jane's Party online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | YouTube | Instagram

Thank you for your visit! 

Credits // Words: Vanessa Jetwash | Image: via Jane's Party


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