Behind The Song: "Planets And Stars" by PAVVLA

Hey guys!

"What's the most important element of a song?"

That's a question a good friend of mine asked me recently.
I love those kinds of questions because they sound so easy to answer, but they are not.
The most important element of a song is probably different for everyone.
Some people might say the melody, others might name the riffs and chord progressions, while others think the lyrics are most important.

And for me, it's kinda like that. I'll probably name a different element depending on which mood I'm in.
But one part that I would always consider important, is the relatable feeling you get from personal lyrics.

Today, not only are we going to hear a song with a relatable message, but we're also going to learn more about the story behind the song.

- Behind The Song -
"Planets And Stars" by PAVVLA

PAVVLA was born and raised in Barcelona, Spain and now lives between Barcelona and Brighton, UK.

She released her first single at the age of 19 and has been a part of this crazy industry ever since.

Her debut album, "Creatures", convinced music outlets from all over the world and made everyone fall in love with her mysterious and delicate sound.
Her sound plays with elements of Folk, Pop and Electronic.
She has played sets at SXSW and Primavera Sound and released her "Homemade Stuff" EP earlier this year.
With all this excitement, PAVVLA is going to play a show at Badehaus in Berlin on March 1st - 
you can find all details here.

You can now check out what PAVVLA told us about the story behind her song "Planets and Stars":

"I believe I wrote this song on the piano in 2015.
Like many of my songs, I wrote the lyrics first, as a poem, and many days later, while playing around on my mum's piano, I put the lyrics together and all of a sudden "Planets and Stars" was born.

I remember I first wrote it because I was working on a short film and there was this girl on the production team, who I never really talked to because I was too nervous around her. She had an aura that was captivating, there was something special about her and I literally would find myself just staring at her.
I really hope she didn't notice me being creepy, it was weird, that never happened to me before.
But basically, I was so captivated by her, without even really knowing her, that I wrote a poem because that's something I've done my whole life - writing.

And music wise, I think I was playing a lot of Sara Bareilles back then and I used some of her chord progressions for the song.
Although I obviously had no idea that few years later I would be recording this same song in a proper studio for my debut album!!
I had a very clear vision that I wanted it to sound dark and mellow. I brought the demo to the studio and I remember we produced it a couple of times before finding a version that we really liked.
Aleix (the producer) and I were about to give up on the song and I'm so happy we didn't because now it's one of my favourites on the record.
And apparently people like it as much as we do, so we decided to make a video for it and turn it into a single.
I love how the video turned out and I'm really proud of the song, which is a weird thing for me!
I hope you like it too."

Listen to "Planets and Stars" right here:

- stream "Planets and Stars" -

PAVVLA online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

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Credits // Words: Vanessa Jertschewske | Image & Words "About song": PAVVLA


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