Video Of The Day: "Silver Screen" by Novatines

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It's almost March of 2018 and let's be honest - do you still remember your new years resolutions?
Well... let's not dwell on that topic, shall we?

But if you wanted to discover more music this year, consider us your friend trying to hold you accountable for your achievements.
We're here to present you music that we think you'll love.

So if you need music to listen to in the gym, or some background tunes whilst you're drinking more water or getting more sleep - glad you're here, we're happy to be your source.

Today's VOTD falls under the category "songs to lose yourself in".
Now might also be a good time to hydrate, babes - so grab some water and get ready to jam.

- Video Of The Day -
"Silver Screen" by Novatines

Novatines are a four piece from Bath, UK.

They are new, they are loud and they are ready to take over.
None of the statements above are exaggerated - and you will figure that out yourself as you get to know the band.

Novatines are:

Jamie Beale
Tom Cory
Callum Moloney
 Tom Turner

So far they've played a bunch of gigs throughout the UK, built a passionate fan base and kept us hungry for more.

March 2018 will see the band touring the UK, so make sure to head over to their website for all tour dates.

Their debut single "Medicine" was the rock song you needed in your life and now they're here with their new track and video "Silver Screen".

The song greets you with a mysterious atmosphere, sounding light and calm at first - but don't let first impressions fool you.
A few seconds into the song, the vocals let you know that you're about to fall in love with the depth of the song.
As backing vocals join the mix, it becomes apparent just how many layers there are to this track.

The lead vocals guide you through the verse and chorus with confidence, all while the guitar strumming gives us a false impression of calmness, showcasing the band's ability to keep their listeners surprised.

Once the first chorus ends, the big Rock'n'Roll explosion happens and we're catapulted into the Classic Rock era and we're here to stay.

Novatines know how to bring class and atmosphere to your ears and they do it so well.
The soaring guitars, the steady and controlling drums and the heavy bass paired with the leading vocals - all elements just work together so smoothly.

We know you guys around here love Rock music, so take the song and let it be your song of the day.

Check out the video for "Silver Screen" right here:

- stream "Silver Screen" -
- buy "Silver Screen" -

Novatines online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | YouTube | Instagram

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Credits // Words: Vanessa Jertschewske | Image: Novatines


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